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Clue length Answer
Woods in front of a field5tiger
Lion's cousin5tiger
Big cat5tiger
Fierce one5tiger
Striped animal5tiger
Second part5tiger
Clemson athlete5tiger
Detroit baseballer5tiger
Big name in golf5tiger
Princeton or Clemson masc5tiger
Woods on the fairway5tiger
Clemson mascot5tiger
Large cat with black stripes5tiger
Large cat5tiger
Dangerous animal - say it turned up over river5tiger
Section of spectators accepting good competitor5tiger
...... Woods, golfer5tiger
Striped cat5tiger
Fierce creature concerning foolish man when rearing5tiger
Wild animal beginning to growl in row5tiger
Row about good aggressive player5tiger
Deposit grand in bank to make powerful economy5tiger
Striped quadruped5tiger
Large striped cat5tiger
Line round head of ginger cat5tiger
Maybe man-eater's short time to gobble soldier up5tiger
Golfer's row about golf?5tiger
row over grand beast5tiger
Again, US soldier starts taking up an animal5tiger
Woods man?5tiger
Large feline5tiger
... Tanaka is a Bond ally in You Only Live Twice5tiger
"Eye of the ..."5tiger
Row about good cat5tiger
Aggressive animal -- say it turns on owner finally?5tiger
beast level with legend inside5tiger
£1,000 put in bank is a good economy5tiger
... Balm (ointment)5tiger
Fierce fighter5tiger
animal wagging tail during row5tiger
Row about German animal5tiger
Woods burning with fearful symmetry?5tiger
Woods imitated at Harfleur?5tiger
Wildcat of Bengal5tiger
What animal classically rules over?5tiger
Dynamic fellow ultimately rising in rank5tiger
woods with woods5tiger
national animal of bangladesh5tiger