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5 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Title character in Shakes5timon
Shakespearean Athenian5timon
Shakespearean nobleman5timon
Greek satirist5timon
Shakespearean hero5timon
Athenian turmoil is May's opportunity - new leaders wanted5timon
Athenian misanthrope puts doctor in metal box5timon
In effect, I'm only a Greek misanthrope5timon
Tiny boy performing lead role in Shakespeare5timon
"........ of Athens"5timon
shakespeare title role5timon
"The Lion King" meerkat5timon
Pal of Simba5timon
Skinflint provides money in an instant? The reverse all round5timon
pumbaa's "the lion king" pal5timon
shakespeare's athenian hermit5timon
William Shakespeare play featuring the characters Sempronius and Alcibiades5timon
shakespeare title character5timon
Shakespeare's Athenian5timon
Athenian method of working in tin5timon
Pumbaa's pal5timon
“...... of athens” (shakespeare play)5timon
Pumbaa's friend in “The Lion King”5timon
Title character in Shakespeare5timon
Shakespearean title character5timon
Flavius's master, in Shakespeare5timon
Shakespearean misanthrope5timon
Bard's Athenian5timon
Shakespearean title role5timon
Shakespeare's misanthrope5timon
Shakespeare's man of Athens5timon
Misanthrope of Athens5timon
Shakespeare's Athenian misanthrope5timon
Athenian misanthrope5timon
The Bard's Athenian misanthrope5timon
Shakespeare's testy Athenian5timon
Shakespeare's misanthropic Athenian5timon
Athenian of drama5timon
William Shakespeare play featuring characters Sempronius and Alcibiades5timon
Pumbaa's buddy in The Lion King5timon
Pumbaa's pal in "The Lion King"5timon
Shakespeare's "... of Athens"5timon
Pumbaa's best friend5timon
Athenian at the Globe5timon
Pumbaa's pal from "The Lion King"5timon