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Clue length Answer
Something cloying7treacle
Current line in what could be maple syrup7treacle
Golden syrup7treacle
Golden syrup runs clear, when poured into hollow tube7treacle
Intolerable sentimentality that becomes Electra?7treacle
Cane syrup7treacle
Sticky liquid, a centilitre found in maple, for example7treacle
Ultimate in breakfast cereal, horrible stuff that's very sweet7treacle
Mawkishness of Malcolm periodically restrained by elder?7treacle
Blandishments that make Electra complex7treacle
Liquid needed for theatre — a clean-up7treacle
In Montmartre, a clear, sticky substance7treacle
Sweet stuff in parcels regularly carried by plane?7treacle
syrupy stuff7treacle
Molasses produced by cartel out east7treacle
Something cloyingly sweet in the Electra complex?7treacle
Point to mixed claret and how sticky it can become7treacle
Electra complex's intolerable sentimentality7treacle
There's sweet stuff in the centre, a clear syrup7treacle
Sticky sugar syrup for baking7treacle
Sweet substance a chameleon originally left in woody plant?7treacle
viscous liquid7treacle
Well content in Wonderland7treacle
molasses, to brits7treacle
Milord's molasses7treacle
Molasses, syrup7treacle
Thick dark-brown syrup7treacle
Electra spattered the syrup7treacle
Contrived sentimentality7treacle
Sweet stuff, torte, parcelled oddly7treacle
Trace out the French molasses7treacle
Syrup making cat reel uncontrollably7treacle
Molasses is sometimes called black ....7treacle
Thick sweet substance7treacle
molasses-like syrup7treacle