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6 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Soldiers' ditch6trench
You can dig it6trench
Ditch fish in river? The opposite6trench
Deep ditch6trench
Ditch fish angler finally caught6trench
Fish crossing river channel6trench
Cut right into fish6trench
Long narrow ditch6trench
Channel or river filled with fish? On the contrary6trench
ditch on the battlefield6trench
Close quarters, military knife6trench
ditch with steep aides6trench
Cutting right into fish6trench
Fish caught right in the channel6trench
A long, narrow ditch6trench
Fish right inside the channel6trench
Fish accepting right channel6trench
Channel swimmer crosses river6trench
Narrow ditch6trench
hole at the front6trench
Carve a deep furrow6trench
moat, eg6trench
Right inside the fish in the dugout6trench
Neo from the Matrix wore this type of coat6trench
Channel swimmer crossing river6trench
Mariana ..., deepest point of the Pacific Ocean6trench
war zone excavation6trench
Long ditch6trench
Ditch swimmer crossing river6trench
Military ditch6trench
Mariana .. in the Pacific is the deepest on earth6trench
Marianas ....6trench
Long narrow excavation6trench
Fish right inside channel6trench
Defensive military excavation6trench
Detective's coat, informally6trench
Mariana ...... (world's deepest ocean point)6trench
Soldier's line of defense6trench
Defensive excavation6trench
Western Front feature6trench
French ......: abri?6trench
A.E.F. excavation6trench
Large ditch6trench
Troops cover6trench