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Clue length Answer
Beat soundly7trounce
Worst in the worst way7trounce
Beat by a wide margin7trounce
Beat gutless tiger, wild cat7trounce
Ogre's followed by kinsman hiding every large hammer7trounce
Defeat utterly7trounce
Thoroughly defeat7trounce
Beat counter madly7trounce
Concerning split in peace pact rout7trounce
Beat edges of thinner part of a pound7trounce
Lick cat after skin of terrier7trounce
Beat counter to get change7trounce
Heavily defeat7trounce
Duke with power smashed 'Fight Club' - no hearts sinking7trounce
Thrash counter-revolutionary?7trounce
Beat counter when drunk7trounce
Beat counter revolutionary7trounce
Crush half of troy weight7trounce
Counter-revolutionary clobber7trounce
Counter-revolutionary defeat?7trounce
Soundly thrash7trounce
execute counter-defeat7trounce
No truce can be arranged if you vanquish someone7trounce
Cure not originally presented is easily best7trounce
Utterly defeat7trounce
beat the counter-reformation7trounce
Get the best of7trounce
Defeat badly7trounce
Beat hollow7trounce
Defeat handily7trounce
Beat counter when agitated7trounce
Thrash tiger disheartened by smaller cat7trounce
Slaughter tiger that's disembowelled smaller cat7trounce
Time right with cat bringing slaughter7trounce
Thrash lightweight after first of two rounds7trounce
rot about kinsman dropping large hammer7trounce
Beat decisively7trounce
Beat handily7trounce
Defeat by a wide margin7trounce
Beat severely7trounce
beat badly in a game7trounce
Their hollow measure could be best?7trounce

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