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Clue length Answer
Gardener's need6trowel
It may turn up some dirt6trowel
Mason's aid6trowel
Mortar spreader6trowel
Mason's tool6trowel
Masonry tool6trowel
Plaster worker6trowel
Absorbent cloth protecting tip of roofing tool6trowel
Almost completely worth backing — the Spanish gardening tool6trowel
Plasterer's tool6trowel
Small gardening tool6trowel
Garden tool received initially wrapped in cloth6trowel
Small tool with a flat blade, used for planting6trowel
Garden hand tool for planting6trowel
Small hand tool for digging6trowel
Gardener's hand tool used for potting plants, lifting compost or weeding6trowel
Digger may have one phone, ringing bank6trowel
Small shovel for mortar6trowel
Tool for bricklayers6trowel
Spade right inside cloth6trowel
Telephone about file and hand-held tool6trowel
A small implement that may be taken to bed!6trowel
A scoop for the gardening correspondent?6trowel
Gardening tool6trowel
Used by gardener? Right, when drier outside6trowel
Implement right inside cloth6trowel
Small garden spade6trowel
Hand tool6trowel
Resistance identified in dryer with tool6trowel
tool for plastering6trowel
One may turn over a bit in bed6trowel
Cement smoother6trowel
A scoop for a gardening correspondent?6trowel
Gardener's hand-tool6trowel
Could it make a hole in a towel outright?6trowel
Gardener's digging hand tool6trowel
gardening tool right inside a drying cloth6trowel
Tiler's tool6trowel
Bricklayer's tool6trowel
Gardening or masonry tool6trowel
tool used by masons6trowel
Gardener's utensil6trowel
Garden implement6trowel
Tool for smoothing plaster6trowel
Dogtail, e.g.6trowel
plastering tool6trowel
a mason knows how it spreads6trowel
Garden tool6trowel
Cloth wrapped around right implement6trowel
Hand-held spade for digging holes6trowel

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