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Clue length Answer
Wedding helper5usher
"Bride or groom?" asker5usher
Poe family5usher
Wedding guide5usher
Theater guide5usher
Family name in a Poe stor5usher
Theater worker5usher
Wedding party member5usher
Poe family name5usher
One who's with the progra5usher
Marriage guide5usher
Work with a flashlight5usher
Lead down the aisle5usher
Ballpark worker5usher
Concert hall employee5usher
Person with a program5usher
Person who's well-armed?5usher
Wedding attendant5usher
Aisle walker5usher
See (in)5usher
Guide with a penlight5usher
Surname in a Poe tale5usher
Program distributor5usher
Theater employee5usher
Program offerer5usher
Fallen house of literatur5usher
Wedding seater5usher
Worker at plays5usher
Wedding worker5usher
Ring (in)5usher
A guide for the first and second and third persons?5usher
Theater attendant5usher
American idol losing old escort5usher
Guide woman in old city5usher
Theatre attendant5usher
Person employed to put you in your place5usher
That woman will support American family in American story5usher
Escort drug dealer for execution5usher
Cinema or theatre worker5usher
The Fall of the House of — (Poe)5usher
Effusive person not displaying good conduct5usher
American female — one employed as director?5usher
one with a leading role in the theater?5usher
Cinema attendant5usher
Found with a leading light in theatre?5usher
confessions singer5usher
One who shows people to their seats5usher
Drug dealer's topless escort5usher
American, that woman's escort5usher