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Clue length Answer
Jonah's swallower5whale
Capt. Ahab's obsession5whale
One known for spouting of5whale
Source of ambergris5whale
Marine mammal5whale
Starbuck's quarry5whale
Use a harpoon5whale
Blubber source5whale
Moby-Dick, for one5whale
Humpback, e.g.5whale
Large mammal5whale
Sea creature's plaintive cry you can hear5whale
Weight? Well, I'm a big-boned beast!5whale
Enormous creature, wide and robust5whale
Cry out loud for marine animal5whale
A blubbery character, Henry gets stuck into whiskey and beer5whale
Thrash, with 'on'5whale
large marine mammal5whale
Source of baleen and blubber5whale
Underwater giant5whale
Moby Dick, eg5whale
massive marine mammal5whale
We accept Henry as member of the school5whale
Beluga, eg5whale
Blue ... (giant among mammals)5whale
Animal that swallowed Jonah5whale
Thrash, of a time that's hugely enjoyable5whale
pequod's target5whale
Individual in a pod5whale
Ambergris source5whale
Animal sometimes beached5whale
a monstrous creature - he gets involved with the law5whale
pod member5whale
moby-dick, e.g.5whale
Huge swimmer5whale
Huge sea mammal5whale
What has a large existence primarily?5whale
Animal whose song can travel thousands of miles5whale
Animal that swallowed Jonah, in the Bible5whale
moby-dick, in the novel by herman melville5whale
Willy, e.g.5whale
Huge ocean mammal5whale
Ocean giant5whale
Huge example5whale
keiko who played willy5whale
Big, strong swimmer5whale
Sea mammal5whale

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