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Clue length Answer
No. 2 hit of 1978-794ymca
Disco standard4ymca
Community gym site4ymca
Sir George Williams's org4ymca
Gym site4ymca
Swimming pool site, for s4ymca
Pool provider, often4ymca
Gym site, for short4ymca
"A place you can go4ymca
Org. that organizes camps4ymca
1978 disco hit4ymca
Workout locale, for short4ymca
1978 hit with the lyric "4ymca
Gym locale, for short4ymca
Place to play b-ball4ymca
Where "you can do whateve4ymca
Village People hit whose4ymca
"A place you can go," in4ymca
Family rec facility4ymca
"It's fun to stay at the4ymca
Pool site, for short4ymca
Pool site, maybe4ymca
Where there are "many way4ymca
Disco perennial4ymca
Where basketball and voll4ymca
Community org. with a gym4ymca
1979 disco classic4ymca
Welfare organisation served up sides of Acadian chef's gastronomy4ymca
exercise center4ymca
Late '70s disco classic4ymca
Classic disco letters4ymca
'70s song with its own dance4ymca
village people smash4ymca
something a cop, native american, sailor, construction worker, cowboy and biker sang about4ymca
family workout place, familiarly4ymca
Village People song4ymca
Community gym org4ymca
community pool site4ymca
village people megahit4ymca
bldg. with a pool4ymca
initial disco hit?4ymca
community org. known by its first letter4ymca
spelling song4ymca
Workout spot4ymca
where "it's fun to stay," in a disco hit4ymca
Where it's fun to stay in a Village People hit song4ymca
gym setting, initially4ymca
Place where you'd find a community swimming pool4ymca
Community rec center4ymca
workout locale, or a village people disco hit4ymca