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"Sneeze on ..., sneeze for danger" – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Trip to Spain Group 846 Puzzle 5
∘ Lennon peace lyrics: Everybody's talkin' about ...
∘ Traditional Christmas songs
∘ Game where players make words from dice
∘ "Sneeze on ..., sneeze for danger"
∘ 1939 Wright novel that has no letter E in it
∘ A chain of messages sent as replies to each other
∘ Restaurant Calle Ocho is translated as ... Street
∘ Cream of this is often used in a fish condiment
∘ The 1,063 foot tall Parisian wrought-iron tower
∘ One-masted sailboats
∘ Houses made from blocks of ice
∘ Instead of, e.g. days off ... of extra days worked
∘ Muscles in upper arms
∘ First name of temperature scientist Celsius
∘ ... in the back, is to be traitorously betrayed
∘ Where the manager and subs sit in a football match
∘ Ralph does it to the Internet in Wreck-It Ralph 2
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