Word Descrambler

You can enter up to 12 letters. And you can also use ? for blank tiles (please keep the maximum number of blank tiles to 2).

Word Games, an Amazing Way to Pass Time:

Playing with words is a nice activity during your leisure time when you don't have urgent work at hand. We can play with words in different ways; there are a number of games that are based on words. WWF, Jumble, Literati, Scrabble are quite popular options in this theme of word games. These games not only help you to pass time, but also help you exercise your brain while playing. Many eminent personalities are fond of these games, even the US president Barack Obama is known to be an enthusiast of word games.

Now like any other game, we need to practice these games regularly to stay ahead of our competitors who are, in most cases, our friends! To do so, we need to solve the puzzles and games that are published everywhere; you can be playing on online games, epapers, newspaper, periodicals, magazines etc. The more you practice, the more you will expand your knowledge of words. The problem lies in the fact that you cannot always solve the problems by yourself. Although it helps if you have have great word knowledge, to win you will need to score high on these games. To help you attain high scores you can use word descramblers.

What is the Word Descrambler?

Whenever you fail to solve word games on your own, you can receive help from software or apps popularly known as word descrambler. These tools help you descramble words. You just need to enter a jumbled words, anagram or any other problematic word into the tool and voila! The word descrambler will then produce the result which is typically all the words unscrambled that are available for those letters.

How Do You Use Word Descramblers?

  • First you need to identify the problem (i.e. is this a scrambled word or do we need to specify another type of puzzle?).
  • Then you enter the jumbled word into the word descrambler. During input, there are other options which you can set to descramble the word in a specific way.
  • After getting the input of the word and the custom way you want to descramble it, the software uses those parameters to perform its operation.
  • When the software completes fetching the correct word(s) for you, it presents the result on the screen.

Word Descrambler Tips and Tricks

Different world descramblers follow various instructions to descramble a word, however some of them are common. For example if you are using Text Twist, you can use these instructions to create a more customized solution:

  • Add an “?” for a character or wildcard. For example, you can use “DIS???” to see all the words that start with “DIS” and have a length of 6 characters.
  • To match any pattern, use capital letters.
  • To search for a pattern, you can use random but plausible number of wildcards.

How does it work ?

Lets say, you enter the letters : anouirq and hit enter. It would bring you the following words as result (listed below) and you can further refine it by using the features from advanced options.

  • six letter words : quinoa
  • five letter words : nairu, noria, quoin
  • four letter words : iron, noir, quai, rain, ruin, etc
  • three letter words : air, ion, run, qua, nor, our
  • two letter words : an, ai, qi, un, oi etc