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... price (selling price's counterpart) – Puzzles Crossword Clue

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∘ ... price (selling price's counterpart)
∘ Selling like .....; selling very quickly
∘ *stock buying or selling directive with a specified price
∘ meddler fixed selling price of lubricants and wine
∘ Selling price, rate
∘ Buying and selling commodities in different markets to take advantage of price differences
∘ Price changed, price not right? Precarious situation!
∘ Had t'price altered, offering a very low price
∘ like the winning price guesses on "the price is right" (without going over)
∘ Price ... are an increase in price
∘ List price (also known as the recommended retail price): Abbr.
∘ Price changed? Price not right? It's very steep!
∘ ... Price co-founder of Price Club in 1976
∘ Big name in home selling
∘ Best-selling author of "U
∘ Big-selling 1920's car
∘ Exclamatory best-selling
∘ Best-selling 1969 album
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