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Agreement – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Agreement.

Clue Length Answer
Agreement3 lettersyes
  1. Definition: 1. an affirmative; "I was hoping for a yes"

Agreement3 lettersnod
  1. Definition: 1. be almost asleep; "The old man sat nodding by the fireplace"

Agreement4 lettersbond
  1. Definition: 1. (criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial; "the judge set bail at $10,000"; "a $10,000 bond was furnished by an alderman"

Agreement4 lettersdeal
  1. Definition: 1. give out as one's portion or share

Agreement4 lettersoral
  1. Definition: 1. an examination conducted by spoken communication

Agreement4 letterssync
  1. Definition: 1. make synchronous and adjust in time or manner; "Let's synchronize our efforts"

Agreement4 letterspact
  1. Definition: 1. a written agreement between two states or sovereigns

Agreement4 letterstune
  1. Definition: 1. the adjustment of a radio receiver or other circuit to a required frequency

Agreement5 letterstally
  1. Definition: 1. keep score, as in games

Agreement5 letterstruce
  1. Definition: 1. a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms

Agreement5 lettersonion
  1. Definition: 1. an aromatic flavorful vegetable

Agreement5 lettersunity
  1. Definition: 1. the quality of being united into one

Agreement5 lettersunion
  1. Definition: 1. of trade unions; "the union movement"; "union negotiations"; "a union-shop clause in the contract"

Agreement6 lettersaccord
  1. Definition: 1. sympathetic compatibility

Agreement6 lettersassent
  1. Definition: 1. to agree or express agreement; "The Maestro assented to the request for an encore"

Agreement6 letterstie-up
  1. Definition: 1. an interruption of normal activity

Agreement6 lettersleague
  1. Definition: 1. an association of sports teams that organizes matches for its members

Agreement6 letterstiming
  1. Definition: 1. the regulation of occurrence, pace, or coordination to achieve a desired effect (as in music, theater, athletics, mechanics)

Agreement6 letterschance
  1. Definition: 1. occurring or appearing or singled out by chance; "seek help from casual passers-by"; "a casual meeting"; "a chance occurrence"

Agreement6 lettersunison
  1. Definition: 1. (music) two or more sounds or tones at the same pitch or in octaves; "singing in unison"

Agreement6 letterssimile
  1. Definition: 1. a figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with `like' or `as')

Agreement6 letterstreaty
  1. Definition: 1. a written agreement between two states or sovereigns

Agreement7 letterswelcome
  1. Definition: 1. bid welcome to; greet upon arrival

Agreement7 letterswedding
  1. Definition: 1. take in marriage

Agreement7 letterspromise
  1. Definition: 1. make a promise or commitment

Agreement7 lettersfitness
  1. Definition: 1. the quality of being suitable; "they had to prove their fitness for the position"

Agreement7 lettersrapport
  1. Definition: 1. a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people

Agreement7 lettersconsent
  1. Definition: 1. give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to; "I cannot accept your invitation"; "I go for this resolution"

Agreement7 letterssharing
  1. Definition: 1. a distribution in shares

Agreement7 lettersharmony
  1. Definition: 1. compatibility in opinion and action

Agreement7 letterssupport
  1. Definition: 1. something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest; "the policy found little public support"; "his faith was all the support he needed"; "the team enjoyed the support of their fans"

Agreement7 lettersentente
  1. Definition: 1. an informal alliance between countries

Agreement7 letterssynergy
  1. Definition: 1. the working together of two things (muscles or drugs for example) to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects

Agreement7 letterscompact
  1. Definition: 1. make more compact by or as if by pressing; "compress the data"

Agreement7 lettersbargain
  1. Definition: 1. come to terms; arrive at an agreement

Agreement7 lettersconcord
  1. Definition: 1. town in eastern Massachusetts near Boston where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought

Agreement8 letterssymphony
  1. Definition: 1. a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra

Agreement8 letterssynonymy

    Agreement8 lettersprotocol
    1. Definition: 1. code of correct conduct; "safety protocols"; "academic protocol"

    Agreement8 letterssymmetry
    1. Definition: 1. (physics) the property of being isotropic; having the same value when measured in different directions

    Agreement8 letterssympathy
    1. Definition: 1. an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion; "his sympathies were always with the underdog"; "I knew I could count on his understanding"

    Agreement8 lettersselfness

      Agreement8 lettersalliance
      1. Definition: 1. the act of forming an alliance or confederation

      Agreement8 letterscovenant
      1. Definition: 1. (Bible) an agreement between God and his people in which God makes certain promises and requires certain behavior from them in return

      Agreement8 letterscontract
      1. Definition: 1. be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness; "He got AIDS"; "She came down with pneumonia"; "She took a chill"

      Agreement8 letterssameness
      1. Definition: 1. the quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety; "he had never grown accustomed to the monotony of his work"; "he was sick of the humdrum of his fellow prisoners"; "he hated the sameness of the food the college served"

      Agreement8 letterssanction
      1. Definition: 1. give sanction to; "I approve of his educational policies"

      Agreement9 letterssymbiosis
      1. Definition: 1. the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other

      Agreement9 lettersconsensus
      1. Definition: 1. agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole; "the lack of consensus reflected differences in theoretical positions"; "those rights and obligations are based on an unstated consensus"

      Agreement9 letterssame-mind

        Agreement9 letterssemblance

          Agreement9 letterssynthesis

            Agreement9 lettersunanimity
            1. Definition: 1. everyone being of one mind

            Agreement9 lettersreadiness
            1. Definition: 1. prompt willingness; "readiness to continue discussions"; "they showed no eagerness to spread the gospel"; "they disliked his zeal in demonstrating his superiority"; "he tried to explain his forwardness in battle"

            Agreement9 lettersreference
            1. Definition: 1. a remark that calls attention to something or someone; "she made frequent mention of her promotion"; "there was no mention of it"; "the speaker made several references to his wife"

            Agreement9 lettersall-right

              Agreement10 lettersproportion
              1. Definition: 1. harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design); "in all perfectly beautiful objects there is found the opposition of one part to another and a reciprocal balance"- John Ruskin

              Agreement10 lettersaccordance

                Agreement10 lettersstrictness

                  Agreement10 letterssolidarity
                  1. Definition: 1. a union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group

                  Agreement10 letterssubmission

                    Agreement10 letterscongruence

                      Agreement10 letterssettlement
                      1. Definition: 1. termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities

                      Agreement10 lettersconsonance

                        Agreement10 lettersobligation
                        1. Definition: 1. the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force; "we must instill a sense of duty in our children"; "every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty"- John D.Rockefeller Jr

                        Agreement10 lettersuniformity
                        1. Definition: 1. the quality of lacking diversity or variation (even to the point of boredom)

                        Agreement10 letterspromptness

                          Agreement10 lettersconformity
                          1. Definition: 1. correspondence in form or appearance

                          Agreement10 letterssimulation
                          1. Definition: 1. the act of giving a false appearance; "his conformity was only pretending"

                          Agreement10 letterssimilitude

                            Agreement10 letterssyncretism

                              Agreement11 lettersresemblance

                                Agreement11 lettersreciprocity

                                  Agreement11 lettersunification

                                    Agreement11 lettersundertaking

                                      Agreement11 lettersstipulation
                                      1. Definition: 1. a restriction that is insisted upon as a condition for an agreement

                                      Agreement11 lettersconcurrence

                                        Agreement11 lettersarrangement
                                        1. Definition: 1. the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music

                                        Agreement11 lettersconcordance
                                        1. Definition: 1. agreement of opinions

                                        Agreement11 letterssyndication

                                          Agreement11 letterscoincidence

                                            Agreement11 letterssynchronism

                                              Agreement11 letterswillingness

                                                Agreement11 lettersteam-spirit

                                                  Agreement11 letterstransaction

                                                    Agreement12 lettersratification

                                                      Agreement12 lettersrecognizance

                                                        Agreement12 letterssimultaneity

                                                          Agreement13 lettersrapprochement
                                                          1. Definition: 1. the reestablishing of cordial relations

                                                          Agreement13 lettersunderstanding
                                                          1. Definition: 1. the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises; "they had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business"; "there was an understanding between management and the workers"

                                                          Agreement13 lettersparticipation
                                                          1. Definition: 1. the act of sharing in the activities of a group; "the teacher tried to increase his students' engagement in class activities"

                                                          Agreement13 lettersself-identity

                                                            Agreement14 letterstraditionalism
                                                            1. Definition: 1. adherence to tradition (especially in cultural or religious matters)

                                                            Agreement14 letterssolidification

                                                              Agreement14 lettersreconciliation

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