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Ancient Hindu text – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Ancient Hindu text5sutra

Likely related crossword puzzle clues
∘ An ancient Indian Hindu text widely considered to be a standard work on human sexual behaviour
∘ Ancient Hindu text
∘ Hindu ascetic sorry over discontented Hindu
∘ Sacred Hindu text
∘ Hindu sacred text
∘ ... old Hindu gentleman, initially blaming archaism on deficient text
∘ Hindu asap working out his sacred text
∘ Universal god is deceived in sacred Hindu text
∘ The Sarvarthasiddhi is a text in this Hindu faith
∘ Bhagavad ...... (Hindu text)
∘ hindu text
∘ mad as a turk, mother admitted illustrating hindu text
∘ Victorious time without end in Hindu text
∘ Sacred Hindu text of Vedic hymns
∘ repentant radical clutching hindu religious text
∘ Back-of-the-text text
∘ A musical setting of a text, especially a religious text, consisting of arias, duets and choruses interspersed with recitatives
∘ Most common text effect besides "underline" and "italicize" that makes the text thicker
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