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Appear – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Appear.

Clue Length Answer
Appear3 lettersact
  1. Definition: 1. a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program;

Appear3 letterssee
  1. Definition: 1. receive as a specified guest; "the doctor will see you now"; "The minister doesn't see anybody before noon"

Appear4 lettersturn
  1. Definition: 1. undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"

Appear4 lettersloom
  1. Definition: 1. weave on a loom; "materials loomed in Egypt"

Appear4 lettersrise
  1. Definition: 1. exert oneself to meet a challenge; "rise to a challenge"; "rise to the occasion"

Appear4 letterslook
  1. Definition: 1. the feelings expressed on a person's face; "a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face"

Appear4 lettersshow
  1. Definition: 1. establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment; "The experiment demonstrated the instability of the compound"; "The mathematician showed the validity of the conjecture"

Appear4 lettersseem
  1. Definition: 1. give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect;

Appear4 lettersstar
  1. Definition: 1. a plane figure with 5 or more points; often used as an emblem

Appear5 lettersgleam
  1. Definition: 1. a flash of light (especially reflected light)

Appear5 lettersarise
  1. Definition: 1. result or issue; "A slight unpleasantness arose from this discussion"

Appear5 letterssound
  1. Definition: 1. in good condition; free from defect or damage or decay; "a sound timber"; "the wall is sound"; "a sound foundation"

Appear5 letterspopup

    Appear5 lettersscene
    1. Definition: 1. a display of bad temper; "he had a fit"; "she threw a tantrum"; "he made a scene"

    Appear5 lettersvisit
    1. Definition: 1. the act of going to see some person in a professional capacity; "a visit to the dentist"

    Appear5 letterswatch
    1. Definition: 1. the period during which someone (especially a guard) is on duty

    Appear6 letterssketch
    1. Definition: 1. describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of; "sketch the outline of the book"; "outline his ideas"

    Appear6 lettersstooge
    1. Definition: 1. a victim of ridicule or pranks

    Appear6 lettersstream
    1. Definition: 1. dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas; "two streams of development run through American history"; "stream of consciousness"; "the flow of thought"; "the current of history"

    Appear6 lettersspring
    1. Definition: 1. a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards

    Appear6 letterstroupe
    1. Definition: 1. organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical); "the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel"

    Appear6 lettersbefall
    1. Definition: 1. happen, occur, or be the case in the course of events or by chance; "It happens that today is my birthday"; "These things befell" (Santayana)

    Appear6 lettersemerge
    1. Definition: 1. come out into view, as from concealment; "Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office"

    Appear6 lettersturnup
    1. Definition: 1. the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the sleeve or leg

    Appear6 lettersshowup

      Appear6 letterscropup

        Appear6 lettersseemto

          Appear6 lettersarrive
          1. Definition: 1. reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress; "She arrived home at 7 o'clock"; "She didn't get to Chicago until after midnight"

          Appear6 lettersascend
          1. Definition: 1. become king or queen; "She ascended to the throne after the King's death"

          Appear6 lettersreport
          1. Definition: 1. to give an account or representation of in words; "Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental"

          Appear6 lettersescape
          1. Definition: 1. nonperformance of something distasteful (as by deceit or trickery) that you are supposed to do; "his evasion of his clear duty was reprehensible"; "that escape from the consequences is possible but unattractive"

          Appear7 lettersshow-up

            Appear7 lettersturn-up

              Appear7 letterscome-on

                Appear7 letterswitness
                1. Definition: 1.

                Appear7 letterscrop-up

                  Appear7 lettersupstage
                  1. Definition: 1. the rear part of the stage

                  Appear7 letterstake-in

                    Appear7 letterssurface
                    1. Definition: 1. appear or become visible; make a showing; "She turned up at the funeral"; "I hope the list key is going to surface again"

                    Appear8 lettersspeak-up

                      Appear8 lettersseemtobe

                        Appear8 lettersregister
                        1. Definition: 1. be aware of; "Did you register any change when I pressed the button?"

                        Appear9 lettersspring-up

                          Appear9 lettersspeak-out

                            Appear9 letterstranspire
                            1. Definition: 1. give off (water) through the skin

                            Appear9 lettersstand-out

                              Appear10 letterssound-like

                                Appear13 letterssee-the-light

                                  Appear14 letterssteal-the-show

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