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Asparagus stem – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Asparagus stem5spear

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∘ Asparagus stem
∘ Asparagus unit
∘ "The Asparagus" painter
∘ Asparagus's family
∘ Some asparagus, one tip of which is served with fruit
∘ Small vegetable? Right, asparagus for example
∘ Asparagus shoots
∘ Colour of tip of asparagus and thyme sprinkled on pastry filling
∘ Everyone eats tips of green asparagus like seaweed
∘ Ship carrying fruit and some asparagus?
∘ Individual asparagus stems
∘ sauce served with asparagus, poached salmon or eggs benedict
∘ hand-picked pickled flower buds used in recipes including sauce gribiche for asparagus or en papillote fish with samphire and fennel
∘ spanish corn and asparagus pieces
∘ asparagus pieces
∘ Portion of asparagus revolts pet
∘ Small fruit or piece of asparagus
∘ contents of salads replaced by fruit or asparagus?
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