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Bread – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Bread.

Clue Length Answer
Bread3 lettersrye
  1. Definition: 1. whiskey distilled from rye or rye and malt

Bread3 lettersoat
  1. Definition: 1. seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as `oats')

Bread3 letterstlc
  1. Definition: 1. considerate and solicitous care; "young children need lots of TLC"

Bread4 lettersspot
  1. Definition: 1. a mark on a die or on a playing card (shape depending on the suit)

Bread4 lettersstud
  1. Definition: 1. scatter or intersperse like dots or studs; "Hills constellated with lights"

Bread4 letterstuck
  1. Definition: 1. make a tuck or several folds in; "tuck the fabric"; "tuck in the sheet"

Bread4 lettersroll
  1. Definition: 1. move, rock, or sway from side to side; "The ship rolled on the heavy seas"

Bread4 lettersnaan
  1. Definition: 1. leavened bread baked in a clay oven in India; usually shaped like a teardrop

Bread4 letterspita
  1. Definition: 1. usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling

Bread4 letterssalt
  1. Definition: 1. add salt to

Bread5 letterstable
  1. Definition: 1. arrange or enter in tabular form

Bread5 lettersmoola
  1. Definition: 1. money

Bread5 letterswafer
  1. Definition: 1. thin disk of unleavened bread used in a religious service (especially in the celebration of the Eucharist)

Bread5 letterssugar
  1. Definition: 1. informal terms for money

Bread5 lettersspeck
  1. Definition: 1. produce specks in or on; "speck the cloth"

Bread5 letterstoast
  1. Definition: 1. a celebrity who receives much acclaim and attention; "he was the toast of the town"

Bread6 letterstucker

    Bread6 lettersregale
    1. Definition: 1. provide with choice or abundant food or drink; "Don't worry about the expensive wine--I'm treating"; "She treated her houseguests with good food every night"

    Bread6 lettersspread
    1. Definition: 1. a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes

    Bread6 lettersdinero
    1. Definition: 1. informal terms for money

    Bread6 lettersmoolah
    1. Definition: 1. informal terms for money

    Bread6 lettersgarlic
    1. Definition: 1. bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized; bulb breaks up into separate strong-flavored cloves

    Bread6 lettersupkeep
    1. Definition: 1. activity involved in maintaining something in good working order; "he wrote the manual on car care"

    Bread6 letterswampum
    1. Definition: 1. small cylindrical beads made from polished shells and fashioned into strings or belts; used by certain Native American peoples as jewelry or currency

    Bread6 lettersraisin
    1. Definition: 1. dried grape

    Bread6 lettersdoremi

      Bread6 lettersviands

        Bread7 lettersscratch
        1. Definition: 1. dry mash for poultry

        Bread7 letterssatisfy
        1. Definition: 1. fill or meet a want or need

        Bread7 lettersspatter
        1. Definition: 1. dash a liquid upon or against; "The mother splashed the baby's face with water"

        Bread7 lettersitalian
        1. Definition: 1. the Romance language spoken in Italy

        Bread7 letterssubsidy
        1. Definition: 1. a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public; "a subsidy for research in artificial intelligence"

        Bread7 letterssustain
        1. Definition: 1. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses); "She suffered a fracture in the accident"; "He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars"; "She got a bruise on her leg"; "He got his arm broken in the scuffle"

        Bread7 lettersvittles

          Bread7 letterssupport
          1. Definition: 1. something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest; "the policy found little public support"; "his faith was all the support he needed"; "the team enjoyed the support of their fans"

          Bread8 lettersvictuals
          1. Definition: 1. a source of materials to nourish the body

          Bread8 letterssplatter
          1. Definition: 1. the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively; "he heard a spatter of gunfire"

          Bread8 letterssprinkle

            Bread9 lettersprovision
            1. Definition: 1. the activity of supplying or providing something

            Bread9 lettersprovender
            1. Definition: 1. a stock or supply of foods

            Bread10 letterssubvention

              Bread10 letterssustenance
              1. Definition: 1. a source of materials to nourish the body

              Bread11 letterssubsistence

                Bread12 letterscottage-loaf

                  Bread13 lettersprice-support

                    Bread13 lettersstaff-of-life

                      Bread14 lettersthestaffoflife

                        Bread18 letterstender-loving-care

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