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Cannabis plant – Puzzles Crossword Clue

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∘ Cannabis plant
∘ North American fiber-bearing plant that may be mistaken for an Asian form of cannabis
∘ Cannabis ...... (hemp plant)
∘ unwanted plant - cannabis
∘ Annual Asian plant, Cannabis sativa , whose tough fibres are used to make canvas and rope
∘ Cannabis ...... (marijuana)
∘ Cannabis
∘ Hooligan jailed, inhaling cannabis
∘ Reviewing cannabis? Mine is excellent
∘ Looking for some cannabis, troublemaker orbits restaurant
∘ Cannabis grown by extremely hirsute politician
∘ Stars smoke cannabis around queen in feverish condition
∘ Working hard, daughter with booze getting stuck into cannabis, say
∘ A fellow into cannabis lost strength
∘ Cannabis cigarette
∘ You once flipped, getting into cannabis, ecstasy and mescal
∘ Half the world is into cannabis, I say
∘ Cannabis and ecstasy in prison
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