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Central Time ... – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Central Time ...4zone

Likely related crossword puzzle clues
∘ The military ruler of the Central African Republic from 1966 and the Emperor of the Central African Empire from 1976 until he was overthrown in 1979
∘ district with central area and private central zone
∘ For transport, take the Central Line to Acton Central!
∘ Time to abandon cabs for Central line
∘ Alternative arrival time in Central America - ready for Nicaragua?
∘ Only east coast state partially on Central Time
∘ Used to be time in central area for cleaning vessel
∘ It may be on time at central Greenwich, say
∘ bad time touring the east central district
∘ Time zone that is used as a central reference point for all the others: Abbr.
∘ time is central to stable datum
∘ time to press for return of former central american politician
∘ Creature at one time seen round central part of Hindu Kush?
∘ Fool wasting time on central Colombian dialect
∘ Central European Time, abbreviated
∘ Central Time ...
∘ Repeating time after time after time, I love breaking in
∘ time and time again, freak out about time in water spent by king
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