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Chewing gum designed to blow – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Science Lab Group 313 Puzzle 1
∘ Rachel Dratch SNL role: Debbie ....
∘ Murder victim, the Black ....
∘ Ruth Handler's creation, named after her daughter
∘ Series of battle campaigns in 1941 in Libya
∘ Excessive pride in one's appearance
∘ "Two .... don't make a right"
∘ Propels with a finger
∘ Baseball player that faces the pitcher
∘ Demand's better half
∘ Pinocchio, a tale about a .... boy
∘ Portuguese capital, on the River Tagus
∘ Chewing gum designed to blow
∘ Fruit of the vine, used in wine-making
∘ To shape by molding or carving
∘ "The Barber of Seville" title character's name
∘ Dark, sultry eye makeup look
∘ .... Spaniel or American .... Spaniel, sporting dogs
∘ Insult for someone who isn't smart
∘ Dance portrayed by Degas' models
∘ Run very quickly
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