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Coming close – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Coming close7nearing

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∘ England's coming together and coming out
∘ Coming home, coming back
∘ "Actor whose debut film was The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"
∘ actress headley of coming to america and coming 2 america
∘ Famous person's stage of journey coming to close
∘ It's run up by girl coming out close to midnight
∘ Coming close to overflowing
∘ One of those grand types coming into Dublin seen close to Rialto?
∘ coming to a close
∘ fabric close to crease in sail is coming apart
∘ On the .... of; coming close to
∘ New listener in Gateshead coming close
∘ Like some heavenly objects in Taurus, mostly coming in close
∘ Cold-blooded climber close to coming second in commentary?
∘ look — fellow's coming in to close newspaper
∘ Coming close
∘ Close ..., being uncomfortably close to someone
∘ Close - doubly close in fact
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