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Composition – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Composition.

Clue Length Answer
Composition3 lettersweb
  1. Definition: 1. the flattened weblike part of a feather consisting of a series of barbs on either side of the shaft

Composition3 lettersway
  1. Definition: 1. doing as one pleases or chooses; "if I had my way"

Composition4 letterssort
  1. Definition: 1. an approximate definition or example; "she wore a sort of magenta dress"; "she served a creamy sort of dessert thing"

Composition4 lettersvein
  1. Definition: 1. a distinctive style or manner; "he continued in this vein for several minutes"

Composition4 lettersmake
  1. Definition: 1. constitute the essence of; "Clothes make the man"

Composition4 lettersslug
  1. Definition: 1. a strip of type metal used for spacing

Composition4 letterstrio
  1. Definition: 1. a set of three similar things considered as a unit

Composition4 lettersview
  1. Definition: 1. the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was limited"

Composition4 letterstype
  1. Definition: 1. a subdivision of a particular kind of thing; "what type of sculpture do you prefer?"

Composition4 letterstune
  1. Definition: 1. the adjustment of a radio receiver or other circuit to a required frequency

Composition4 letterswork
  1. Definition: 1. move into or onto; "work the raisins into the dough"; "the student worked a few jokes into his presentation"; "work the body onto the flatbed truck"

Composition4 letterstone
  1. Definition: 1. the elastic tension of living muscles, arteries, etc. that facilitate response to stimuli; "the doctor tested my tonicity"

Composition4 letterstalk
  1. Definition: 1. the act of giving a talk to an audience; "I attended an interesting talk on local history"

Composition4 lettersopus
  1. Definition: 1. a literary work or composition, as a book:

Composition5 letterstenor
  1. Definition: 1. the pitch range of the highest male voice

Composition5 lettersweave
  1. Definition: 1. interlace by or as if by weaving

Composition5 lettersshape
  1. Definition: 1. the state of (good) health (especially in the phrases `in condition' or `in shape' or `out of condition' or `out of shape')

Composition5 lettersunion
  1. Definition: 1. of trade unions; "the union movement"; "union negotiations"; "a union-shop clause in the contract"

Composition5 letterssetup
  1. Definition: 1. an act that incriminates someone on a false charge

Composition5 lettersscrip
  1. Definition: 1. a certificate whose value is recognized by the payer and payee; scrip is not currency but may be convertible into currency

Composition5 lettersvalue
  1. Definition: 1. a numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed; "the value assigned was 16 milliseconds"

Composition5 letterstheme
  1. Definition: 1. a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work; "it was the usual `boy gets girl' theme"

Composition5 lettersvirtu
  1. Definition: 1. objet d'art collectively (especially fine antiques)

Composition5 lettersstudy
  1. Definition: 1. a room used for reading and writing and studying; "he knocked lightly on the closed door of the study"

Composition5 lettersetude
  1. Definition: 1. a short composition for a solo instrument; intended as an exercise or to demonstrate technical virtuosity

Composition5 lettersquoin

    Composition5 lettersstamp
    1. Definition: 1. a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents

    Composition5 letterswhole
    1. Definition: 1. an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity; "how big is that part compared to the whole?"; "the team is a unit"

    Composition5 lettersusage
    1. Definition: 1. the customary manner in which a language (or a form of a language) is spoken or written; "English usage"; "a usage borrowed from French"

    Composition5 lettersessay
    1. Definition: 1. make an effort or attempt; "He tried to shake off his fears"; "The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps"; "The police attempted to stop the thief"; "He sought to improve himself"; "She always seeks to do good in the world"

    Composition5 lettersscore
    1. Definition: 1. a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance); "she made good marks in algebra"; "grade A milk"; "what was your score on your homework?"

    Composition6 lettersspeech
    1. Definition: 1. the mental faculty or power of vocal communication; "language sets homo sapiens apart from all other animals"

    Composition6 lettersfabric
    1. Definition: 1. artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers;

    Composition6 letterstie-up
    1. Definition: 1. an interruption of normal activity

    Composition6 letterstissue
    1. Definition: 1. part of an organism consisting of an aggregate of cells having a similar structure and function

    Composition6 letterssonata
    1. Definition: 1. a musical composition of 3 or 4 movements of contrasting forms

    Composition6 letterstemper
    1. Definition: 1. restrain

    Composition6 letterssystem
    1. Definition: 1. an ordered manner; orderliness by virtue of being methodical and well organized; "his compulsive organization was not an endearing quality"; "we can't do it unless we establish some system around here"

    Composition6 lettersmakeup
    1. Definition: 1. cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance

    Composition6 lettersscript
    1. Definition: 1. another word for the source code in computing

    Composition6 lettersstripe
    1. Definition: 1. an adornment consisting of a strip of a contrasting color or material

    Composition6 lettersscroll
    1. Definition: 1. a document that can be rolled up (as for storage)

    Composition6 lettersspirit
    1. Definition: 1. a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character

    Composition6 lettersstreak
    1. Definition: 1. a narrow marking of a different color or texture from the background; "a green toad with small black stripes or bars"; "may the Stars and Stripes forever wave"

    Composition6 lettersformat
    1. Definition: 1. the general appearance of a publication

    Composition6 lettersstatue
    1. Definition: 1. a sculpture representing a human or animal

    Composition6 lettersresult
    1. Definition: 1. come about or follow as a consequence; "nothing will result from this meeting"

    Composition7 letterstableau
    1. Definition: 1. any dramatic scene

    Composition7 letterstexture
    1. Definition: 1. the physical composition of something (especially with respect to the size and shape of the small constituents of a substance); "breadfruit has the same texture as bread"; "sand of a fine grain"; "fish with a delicate flavor and texture"; "a stone of coarse grain"

    Composition7 lettersversion
    1. Definition: 1. manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery)

    Composition7 lettersstabile
    1. Definition: 1. not able or intended to be moved; "the immovable hills"

    Composition7 letterswriting
    1. Definition: 1. the activity of putting something in written form; "she did the thinking while he did the writing"

    Composition7 lettersedifice
    1. Definition: 1. a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"

    Composition7 lettersreading
    1. Definition: 1. to hear and understand; "I read you loud and clear!"

    Composition7 letterswedding
    1. Definition: 1. take in marriage

    Composition7 lettersraising
    1. Definition: 1. activate or stir up; "raise a mutiny"

    Composition7 lettersquality
    1. Definition: 1. a degree or grade of excellence or worth; "the quality of students has risen"; "an executive of low caliber"

    Composition7 lettersmixture
    1. Definition: 1. the act of mixing together; "paste made by a mix of flour and water"; "the mixing of sound channels in the recording studio"

    Composition7 letterssetting
    1. Definition: 1. bear fruit; "the apple trees fructify"

    Composition7 lettersredress
    1. Definition: 1. make reparations or amends for; "right a wrongs done to the victims of the Holocaust"

    Composition7 letterswordage

      Composition7 letterswording

        Composition7 lettersposture
        1. Definition: 1. assume a posture as for artistic purposes; "We don't know the woman who posed for Leonardo so often"

        Composition8 letterscompound
        1. Definition: 1. an enclosure of residences and other building (especially in the Orient)

        Composition8 letterstendency
        1. Definition: 1. a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect; "the alkaline inclination of the local waters"; "fabric with a tendency to shrink"

        Composition8 letterstreatise
        1. Definition: 1. a formal exposition

        Composition8 lettersproperty
        1. Definition: 1. any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie; "before every scene he ran down his checklist of props"

        Composition8 lettersrhapsody
        1. Definition: 1. an epic poem adapted for recitation

        Composition8 lettersprintout
        1. Definition: 1. the output of a computer in printed form

        Composition8 lettersconcerto
        1. Definition: 1. a composition for orchestra and a soloist

        Composition8 letterssquaring

          Composition8 lettersverbiage
          1. Definition: 1. overabundance of words

          Composition8 letterssmelting

            Composition8 lettersrhetoric
            1. Definition: 1. loud and confused and empty talk; "mere rhetoric"

            Composition8 letterserection

              Composition8 lettersyielding
              1. Definition: 1. give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"

              Composition9 letterssynthesis

                Composition9 letterssurrender
                1. Definition: 1. the act of surrendering (usually under agreed conditions); "they were protected until the capitulation of the fort"

                Composition9 lettersquittance

                  Composition9 lettersrecension

                    Composition9 letterssubstance
                    1. Definition: 1. a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties; "shigella is one of the most toxic substances known to man"

                    Composition9 letterstreatment
                    1. Definition: 1. care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury)

                    Composition9 lettersrendering
                    1. Definition: 1. giving in acknowledgment of obligation

                    Composition9 lettersvariation
                    1. Definition: 1. an activity that varies from a norm or standard; "any variation in his routine was immediately reported"

                    Composition9 lettersstructure
                    1. Definition: 1. a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts; "the structure consisted of a series of arches"; "she wore her hair in an amazing construction of whirls and ribbons"

                    Composition9 letterstechnique
                    1. Definition: 1. skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity; "practice greatly improves proficiency"

                    Composition9 letterscollation

                      Composition9 letterstectonics

                        Composition10 lettersproduction
                        1. Definition: 1. the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time); "production was up in the second quarter"

                        Composition10 lettersadjustment
                        1. Definition: 1. the act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)

                        Composition10 lettersreparation

                          Composition10 lettersredemption

                            Composition10 letterssettlement
                            1. Definition: 1. termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities

                            Composition10 letterstypescript

                              Composition10 letterscompromise
                              1. Definition: 1. a middle way between two extremes

                              Composition10 lettersransacking

                                Composition10 letterssyncretism

                                  Composition10 lettersprocessing

                                    Composition10 lettersrecompense
                                    1. Definition: 1. the act of compensating for service or loss or injury

                                    Composition10 letterstranscript
                                    1. Definition: 1. a reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record)

                                    Composition10 lettersstill-life

                                      Composition11 lettersexplanation
                                      1. Definition: 1. thought that makes something comprehensible

                                      Composition11 lettersfabrication
                                      1. Definition: 1. the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery)

                                      Composition11 letterscombination

                                        Composition11 lettersreclamation

                                          Composition11 letterscommutation

                                            Composition11 lettersrestitution

                                              Composition11 letterstemperament
                                              1. Definition: 1. an adjustment of the intervals (as in tuning a keyboard instrument) so that the scale can be used to play in different keys

                                              Composition11 lettersunification

                                                Composition11 lettersworkmanship

                                                  Composition11 lettersformulation

                                                    Composition11 lettersstructuring

                                                      Composition11 letterssubdivision

                                                        Composition11 letterspreparation
                                                        1. Definition: 1. activity leading to skilled behavior

                                                        Composition11 letterssyndication

                                                          Composition11 letterswork-of-art

                                                            Composition11 lettersconsistence

                                                              Composition11 lettersarrangement
                                                              1. Definition: 1. the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music

                                                              Composition12 letterssatisfaction
                                                              1. Definition: 1. act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite; "the satisfaction of their demand for better services"

                                                              Composition12 lettersconformation

                                                                Composition12 lettersconstruction
                                                                1. Definition: 1. drawing a figure satisfying certain conditions as part of solving a problem or proving a theorem; "the assignment was to make a construction that could be used in proving the Pythagorean theorem"

                                                                Composition12 lettersminute-waltz

                                                                  Composition12 letterspropitiation

                                                                    Composition13 lettersunderstanding
                                                                    1. Definition: 1. the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises; "they had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business"; "there was an understanding between management and the workers"

                                                                    Composition13 letterstranscription

                                                                      Composition13 letterswarp-and-woof

                                                                        Composition14 lettersstring-quartet

                                                                          Composition14 lettersprefabrication

                                                                            Composition14 lettersprinted-matter

                                                                              Composition14 lettersinterpretation

                                                                                Composition14 letterssolidification

                                                                                  Composition14 lettersreading-matter

                                                                                    Composition19 letterstypesetting-machine

                                                                                      Composition20 letterstheme-and-variations

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