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Country like the UK – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Country like the UK8monarchy

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∘ This Australian-American country singer with an un-country last name made "Somebody like You"
∘ Soldiers of African country imprisoned in country? That's becoming standard
∘ The sky above a country controlled by that country
∘ Some will leave country, one country in process of growth
∘ country code until 2018 of the african state now known by the country code esw
∘ A West African country invaded by a West African country
∘ african country whose name begins another african country
∘ "i was country when country wasn't cool" singer
∘ country abbr. appearing on the scoreboard when katie taylor won her country's only gold medal at the 2012 summer olympics
∘ The ... Brothers country music duo that was named Top Country Duo by Billboard in 1982
∘ Country whose name becomes another country if you change the last letter to a Q
∘ what is the southernmost capital of a country? (hint: the country consists mainly of two large islands.)
∘ what country produces over two-thirds of the world's vanilla? (hint: it is an island country near africa.)
∘ Country of two million surrounded by a single other country
∘ Country whose name is an anagram of another country's capital
∘ country's representative in another country (abbr.)
∘ Country units in country
∘ A person who has settled in a different country, especially one forced to leave his native country for political reasons
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