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E.T's vehicle: Abbr. – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
E.T's vehicle: Abbr.3ufo

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∘ vehicle towing a vehicle - or rather the towed vehicle
∘ vehicle to follow another vehicle on time
∘ Vehicle with rubbish, vehicle falling over
∘ Go off to take the vehicle back – a motor vehicle
∘ Land vehicle whose name is a water vehicle backward
∘ Vehicle hadn't moved – vehicle kept inside
∘ Bumped from behind in a vehicle, by a vehicle
∘ Chase vehicle?: Abbr.
∘ E.T's vehicle: Abbr.
∘ vehicle used by spacex to carry falcon rockets (abbr.)
∘ ETs vehicle: Abbr.
∘ Vehicle that might come from Saturn in science fiction: Abbr.
∘ Alien's vehicle: Abbr.
∘ ... Enterprise (“Star Trek” vehicle): Abbr.
∘ Vehicle that might be involved in a close encounter: Abbr.
∘ Airbag system in vehicle (abbr)
∘ Sci-fi vehicle: Abbr.
∘ Mysterious vehicle in a tabloid photo, perhaps: Abbr.
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