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Encircles, encompasses – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Encircles, encompasses9surrounds

Codycross The 70's Group 338 Puzzle 1
∘ Job of the character Marian in The Music Man
∘ Cleanse to make germ-free
∘ Poem by William Blake: Auguries of ....
∘ Cleanse, sanitize
∘ .... gains; spoils from illegal activities
∘ TV sitcom about a company workplace
∘ Person on trial accused of committing a crime
∘ 24 hour ceasefire during WWI: the .... Truce
∘ Nepalese city once known as Manju-Patan
∘ Receptacle, holder
∘ Prison escape
∘ .... challenge, worldwide ALS cause
∘ One of the large pumping chambers of the heart
∘ Quill-covered herbivore
∘ Handheld elastic catapult
∘ Rich business magnates with political influence
∘ Number of pieces on a chess board
∘ Scatter these on cupcakes or ice cream
∘ Spanish percussion instruments used by dancers
∘ Encircles, encompasses
∘ To clean a surface until it is free of germs
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