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English – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue English.

Clue Length Answer
English2 lettersen

    English3 lettersold
    1. Definition: 1. just preceding something else in time or order; "the previous owner"; "my old house was larger"

    English3 letterslit
    1. Definition: 1. provided with artificial light; "illuminated advertising"; "looked up at the lighted windows"; "a brightly lit room"; "a well-lighted stairwell"

    English4 lettersolde

      English4 lettersspin
      1. Definition: 1. prolong or extend; "spin out a visit"

      English5 lettersstyle
      1. Definition: 1. a slender bristlelike or tubular process; "a cartilaginous style"

      English5 lettersbasic
      1. Definition: 1. pertaining to or constituting a base or basis; "a basic fact"; "the basic ingredients"; "basic changes in public opinion occur because of changes in priorities"

      English6 lettersrender
      1. Definition: 1. cause to become; "The shot rendered her immobile"

      English7 lettersbritons
      1. Definition: 1. Collective name for the tribes occupying the British Isles before the Roman Conquest

      English7 lettershiberno

        English9 letterstranslate
        1. Definition: 1. change the position of (figures or bodies) in space without rotation

        English9 lettersturn-into

          English10 letterstranscribe
          1. Definition: 1. rewrite in a different script; "The Sanskrit text had to be transliterated"

          English14 lettersschool-subject

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