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Forward – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Forward.

Clue Length Answer
Forward3 lettersrow
  1. Definition: 1. the act of rowing as a sport

Forward4 lettersroll
  1. Definition: 1. move, rock, or sway from side to side; "The ship rolled on the heavy seas"

Forward4 lettersrush
  1. Definition: 1. a sudden forceful flow

Forward4 letterswork
  1. Definition: 1. move into or onto; "work the raisins into the dough"; "the student worked a few jokes into his presentation"; "work the body onto the flatbed truck"

Forward4 letterssoon
  1. Definition: 1. in the near future; "the doctor will soon be here"; "the book will appear shortly"; "she will arrive presently"; "we should have news before long"

Forward4 letterswise
  1. Definition: 1. United States Jewish leader (born in Hungary) (1874-1949)

Forward4 lettersship
  1. Definition: 1. place on board a ship; "ship the cargo in the hold of the vessel"

Forward4 lettersfast
  1. Definition: 1. quickly or rapidly (often used as a combining form); "how fast can he get here?"; "ran as fast as he could"; "needs medical help fast"; "fast-running rivers"; "fast-breaking news"; "fast-opening (or fast-closing) shutters"

Forward4 lettersobey
  1. Definition: 1. be obedient to

Forward4 lettersurge
  1. Definition: 1. push for something; "The travel agent recommended strongly that we not travel on Thanksgiving Day"

Forward4 lettersspur
  1. Definition: 1. incite or stimulate; "The Academy was formed to spur research"

Forward4 letterspert
  1. Definition: 1. characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality; "a certain irreverent gaiety and ease of manner"

Forward4 lettersbold
  1. Definition: 1. fearless and daring; "bold settlers on some foreign shore"; "a bold speech"; "a bold adventure"

Forward4 letterspush
  1. Definition: 1. sell or promote the sale of (illegal goods such as drugs); "The guy hanging around the school is pushing drugs"

Forward4 letterssend
  1. Definition: 1. broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television; "We cannot air this X-rated song"

Forward4 letterswhip
  1. Definition: 1. a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object; "the whip raised a red welt"

Forward4 letterswild
  1. Definition: 1. deviating widely from an intended course; "a wild bullet"; "he threw a wild pitch"

Forward5 lettersquick
  1. Definition: 1. moving quickly and lightly; "sleek and agile as a gymnast"; "as nimble as a deer"; "nimble fingers"; "quick of foot"; "the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it"

Forward5 lettersraise
  1. Definition: 1. bet more than the previous player

Forward5 lettersprone
  1. Definition: 1. lying face downward

Forward5 letterssweep
  1. Definition: 1. (American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running around the end of the line

Forward5 lettersafore
  1. Definition: 1. Before.

Forward5 lettersoffer
  1. Definition: 1. make available for sale; "The stores are offering specials on sweaters this week"

Forward5 letterssassy
  1. Definition: 1. improperly forward or bold; "don't be fresh with me"; "impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup"; "an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"; "Don't get wise with me!"

Forward5 lettersvital
  1. Definition: 1. manifesting or characteristic of life; "a vital, living organism"; "vital signs"

Forward5 lettersserve
  1. Definition: 1. do duty or hold offices; serve in a specific function; "He served as head of the department for three years"; "She served in Congress for two terms"

Forward5 lettersahead
  1. Definition: 1. having the leading position or higher score in a contest; "he is ahead by a pawn"; "the leading team in the pennant race"

Forward5 lettersroute
  1. Definition: 1. an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation

Forward5 lettersprior
  1. Definition: 1. earlier in time

Forward5 lettersspeed
  1. Definition: 1. move very fast; "The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed"

Forward5 lettersshunt
  1. Definition: 1. transfer to another track, of trains

Forward5 letterspushy
  1. Definition: 1. marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative; "an aggressive young executive"; "a pushful insurance agent"

Forward5 lettersprime
  1. Definition: 1. cover with a primer; apply a primer to

Forward5 lettersalong
  1. Definition: 1. with a forward motion; "we drove along admiring the view"; "the horse trotted along at a steady pace"; "the circus traveled on to the next city"; "move along"; "march on"

Forward5 lettersbrash
  1. Definition: 1. offensively bold; "a brash newcomer disputed the age-old rules for admission to the club"; "a nervy thing to say"

Forward5 lettersremit
  1. Definition: 1. refer (a matter or legal case) to another committee or authority or court for decision

Forward5 letterstroll
  1. Definition: 1. sing loudly and without inhibition

Forward5 letterssaucy
  1. Definition: 1. improperly forward or bold; "don't be fresh with me"; "impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup"; "an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"; "Don't get wise with me!"

Forward5 lettersastep

    Forward5 lettersfresh
    1. Definition: 1. with restored energy

    Forward5 lettersready
    1. Definition: 1. (of especially money) immediately available; "he seems to have ample ready money"; "a ready source of cash"

    Forward5 letterseager
    1. Definition: 1. having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy; "eager to learn"; "eager to travel abroad"; "eager for success"; "eager helpers"; "an eager look"

    Forward5 lettersreach
    1. Definition: 1. the act of physically reaching or thrusting out

    Forward5 lettersvivid
    1. Definition: 1. having striking color; "bright dress"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage"

    Forward5 lettersforth
    1. Definition: 1. out into view; "came forth from the crowd"; "put my ideas forth"

    Forward5 letterspress
    1. Definition: 1. lift weights; "This guy can press 300 pounds"

    Forward5 lettersshove
    1. Definition: 1. press or force; "Stuff money into an envelope"; "She thrust the letter into his hand"

    Forward6 lettersrender
    1. Definition: 1. cause to become; "The shot rendered her immobile"

    Forward6 lettersreform
    1. Definition: 1. a campaign aimed to correct abuses or malpractices; "the reforms he proposed were too radical for the politicians"

    Forward6 lettersuplift
    1. Definition: 1. fill with high spirits; fill with optimism; "Music can uplift your spirits"

    Forward6 lettersuppish

      Forward6 lettersunripe
      1. Definition: 1. not fully developed or mature; not ripe; "unripe fruit"; "fried green tomatoes"; "green wood"

      Forward6 lettersrefine
      1. Definition: 1. make more complex, intricate, or richer;

      Forward6 lettersuppity
      1. Definition: 1. presumptuously arrogant; "had a witty but overweening manner"; "no idea how overweening he would be"- S.V.Benet; "getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down"- NY Times

      Forward6 lettersthrust
      1. Definition: 1. impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably; "She forced her diet fads on him"

      Forward6 lettersonward
      1. Definition: 1. in a forward direction; "go ahead"; "the train moved ahead slowly"; "the boat lurched ahead"; "moved onward into the forest"; "they went slowly forward in the mud"

      Forward6 letterspropel
      1. Definition: 1. cause to move forward with force; "Steam propels this ship"

      Forward6 letterssendon

        Forward6 lettersresend
        1. Definition: 1. To send again; as, to resend a message.

        Forward6 lettersbrassy
        1. Definition: 1. unrestrained by convention or propriety;

        Forward6 lettersremail

          Forward6 lettersprompt
          1. Definition: 1. (computer science) a symbol that appears on the computer screen to indicate that the computer is ready to receive a command

          Forward6 lettersafront

            Forward6 lettersextend
            1. Definition: 1. span an interval of distance, space or time; "The war extended over five years"; "The period covered the turn of the century"; "My land extends over the hills on the horizon"; "This farm covers some 200 acres"; "The Archipelago continues for another 500 miles"

            Forward6 lettershasten
            1. Definition: 1. act or move at high speed; "We have to rush!"; "hurry--it's late!"

            Forward6 lettersrushed
            1. Definition: 1. urge to an unnatural speed; "Don't rush me, please!"

            Forward6 lettersprying
            1. Definition: 1. be nosey; "Don't pry into my personal matters!"

            Forward6 lettersprofit
            1. Definition: 1. make a profit; gain money or materially; "The company has not profited from the merger"

            Forward6 lettersresign
            1. Definition: 1. accept as inevitable; "He resigned himself to his fate"

            Forward7 letterssupport
            1. Definition: 1. something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest; "the policy found little public support"; "his faith was all the support he needed"; "the team enjoyed the support of their fans"

            Forward7 letterstreadle
            1. Definition: 1. operate (machinery) by a treadle

            Forward7 letterszestful

              Forward7 lettersanxious
              1. Definition: 1. eagerly desirous; "anxious to see the new show at the museum"; "dying to hear who won"

              Forward7 lettersadvance
              1. Definition: 1. the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)

              Forward7 letterspromote
              1. Definition: 1. make publicity for; try to sell (a product); "The salesman is aggressively pushing the new computer model"; "The company is heavily advertizing their new laptops"

              Forward7 letterssend-on

                Forward7 lettersprimary
                1. Definition: 1. a preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen

                Forward7 lettersstriker
                1. Definition: 1. the part of a mechanical device that strikes something

                Forward7 lettersonwards
                1. Definition: 1. in a forward direction; "go ahead"; "the train moved ahead slowly"; "the boat lurched ahead"; "moved onward into the forest"; "they went slowly forward in the mud"

                Forward7 letterstrundle
                1. Definition: 1. small wheel or roller

                Forward7 letterspushing
                1. Definition: 1. press, drive, or impel (someone) to action or completion of an action; "He pushed her to finish her doctorate"

                Forward7 letterswilling

                  Forward7 letterspushful

                    Forward7 lettersupgrade
                    1. Definition: 1. the act of improving something (especially machinery) by raising it to a higher grade (as by adding or replacing components); "the power plant received a new upgrade"

                    Forward7 lettersquicken
                    1. Definition: 1. give new life or energy to; "A hot soup will revive me"; "This will renovate my spirits"; "This treatment repaired my health"

                    Forward7 letterszealous
                    1. Definition: 1. marked by active interest and enthusiasm; "an avid sports fan"

                    Forward7 letterspush-on

                      Forward8 lettersspeed-up

                        Forward8 lettersrailroad
                        1. Definition: 1. transport by railroad

                        Forward8 lettersprevious
                        1. Definition: 1. just preceding something else in time or order; "the previous owner"; "my old house was larger"

                        Forward8 lettersspirited
                        1. Definition: 1. made lively or spirited; "a meal enlivened by the music"; "a spirited debate"

                        Forward8 letterssend-off

                          Forward8 letterstransmit
                          1. Definition: 1. broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television; "We cannot air this X-rated song"

                          Forward8 lettersmeddling
                          1. Definition: 1. intrude in other people's affairs or business; interfere unwantedly; "Don't meddle in my affairs!"

                          Forward8 letterstransfer
                          1. Definition: 1. shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes;

                          Forward8 lettersflippant
                          1. Definition: 1. Light hearted

                          Forward8 letterstoo-soon

                            Forward8 lettersembolden
                            1. Definition: 1. give encouragement to

                            Forward8 lettersuntimely
                            1. Definition: 1. too soon; in a premature manner; "I spoke prematurely"

                            Forward8 letterssubserve

                              Forward8 lettersstampede
                              1. Definition: 1. run away in a stampede

                              Forward8 lettersanterior
                              1. Definition: 1. earlier in time

                              Forward8 lettersadvanced

                                Forward9 lettersunmatured

                                  Forward9 lettersunabashed
                                  1. Definition: 1. not embarrassed; "a tinseled charm and unabashed sentimentality"- Jerome Stone; "an unembarrassed greeting as if nothing untoward had happened"

                                  Forward9 lettersraring-to

                                    Forward9 lettersunashamed
                                    1. Definition: 1. used of persons or their behavior; feeling no shame

                                    Forward9 letterspresuming

                                      Forward9 letterspremature
                                      1. Definition: 1. uncommonly early or before the expected time; "illness led to his premature death"; "alcohol brought him to an untimely end"

                                      Forward9 lettersassertive
                                      1. Definition: 1. aggressively self-assured; "an energetic assertive boy who was always ready to argue"; "pointing directly at a listener is an assertive act"

                                      Forward9 lettersobtrusive
                                      1. Definition: 1. sticking out; protruding

                                      Forward9 lettersconfident
                                      1. Definition: 1. not liable to error in judgment or action; "most surefooted of the statesmen who dealt with the depression"- Walter Lippman; "demonstrates a surefooted storytelling talent"- Michiko Kakutani

                                      Forward9 lettersturn-over

                                        Forward9 lettersvivacious
                                        1. Definition: 1. vigorous and animated; "a vibrant group that challenged the system"; "a charming and vivacious hostess"; "a vivacious folk dance"

                                        Forward9 lettersreceptive
                                        1. Definition: 1. able to absorb liquid (not repellent); "the paper is ink-receptive"

                                        Forward9 letterstractable
                                        1. Definition: 1. readily reacting to suggestions and influences; "a responsive student"

                                        Forward9 lettersshameless
                                        1. Definition: 1. feeling no shame; "a shameless imposter"; "an unblushing apologist for fascism"

                                        Forward9 letterssend-away

                                          Forward9 letterssocialize

                                            Forward9 letterstransport
                                            1. Definition: 1. a mechanism that transports magnetic tape across the read/write heads of a tape playback/recorder

                                            Forward9 letterstranslate
                                            1. Definition: 1. change the position of (figures or bodies) in space without rotation

                                            Forward9 letterssurrender
                                            1. Definition: 1. the act of surrendering (usually under agreed conditions); "they were protected until the capitulation of the fort"

                                            Forward9 letterstransform
                                            1. Definition: 1. change in outward structure or looks; "He transformed into a monster"; "The salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle"

                                            Forward10 letterscourageous
                                            1. Definition: 1. possessing or displaying courage; able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching; "Familiarity with danger makes a brave man braver but less daring"- Herman Melville; "a frank courageous heart...triumphed over pain"- William Wordsworth; "set a courageous example by leading them safely into and out of enemy-held territory"

                                            Forward10 letterssend-forth

                                              Forward10 lettersprecocious
                                              1. Definition: 1. appearing or developing early; "precocious flowers appear before the leaves as in some species of magnolias"

                                              Forward10 lettersresponsive

                                                Forward10 lettersunprepared
                                                1. Definition: 1. without preparation; not prepared for; "unprepared remarks"; "the shock was unprepared"; "our treaty makers approached their immensely difficult problems unprepared"- R.E.Danielson

                                                Forward10 lettersredound-to

                                                  Forward10 lettersproceeding

                                                    Forward11 lettersprogressing

                                                      Forward11 letterstransfigure

                                                        Forward11 letterspredisposed

                                                          Forward11 lettersimpertinent
                                                          1. Definition: 1. improperly forward or bold; "don't be fresh with me"; "impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup"; "an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"; "Don't get wise with me!"

                                                          Forward11 lettersprogressive

                                                            Forward11 lettersprecipitate
                                                            1. Definition: 1. fall vertically, sharply, or headlong; "Our economy precipitated into complete ruin"

                                                            Forward12 letterspresumptuous
                                                            1. Definition: 1. excessively forward; "an assumptive person"; "on a subject like this it would be too assuming for me to decide"; "the duchess would not put up with presumptuous servants"

                                                            Forward12 letterspush-forward

                                                              Forward13 lettersunembarrassed

                                                                Forward13 lettersstrong-minded

                                                                  Forward13 lettersstrong-willed

                                                                    Forward13 lettersset-in-motion

                                                                      Forward13 letterswell-disposed

                                                                        Forward14 lettersstraighten-out

                                                                          Forward14 lettersself-appointed

                                                                            Forward14 lettersself-assertive

                                                                              Forward14 lettersself-possessed

                                                                                Forward14 lettersuncrystallized

                                                                                  Forward14 lettersunpremeditated

                                                                                    Forward15 lettersself-restrained

                                                                                      Forward15 lettersself-controlled

                                                                                        Forward20 lettersturn-over-a-new-leaf

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