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French cooking term aka shish kebab – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Planet Earth Group 15 Puzzle 3
∘ Rhythms banged out on percussion instrument
∘ Largest purchase of land in US history
∘ Decidedly not what a shrinking violet is like
∘ French cooking term aka shish kebab
∘ In Poland, a language spoken by an ethnic group
∘ Study of objects in space
∘ 80s, 90s family sitcom featuring the Olsen twins
∘ To wear away the top layer of skin
∘ Drawing type used to make cartoons
∘ Ape that has long arms and reddish-brown hair
∘ Misnamed island owned by Denmark
∘ Fear of animals, especially all in one place
∘ La ...., iconic 60s Fellini film set in Rome
∘ Alternative to sugar
∘ Type of swing dance from early 1930s
∘ Upper hand
∘ Pure love and devotion
∘ Barbra ...., actress, singer and director
∘ Someone whose work is related to keys
∘ Asian eating utensil usually made of wood
∘ Environmental contamination
∘ You can't use others' original work due to this
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