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Front car lamp, main lamp – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 4
∘ Lead singer of The Supremes with Baby Love
∘ Acceptable or expected office comportment
∘ Form of address, "my lord"
∘ Front car light, main light
∘ Long dagger popular during Renaissance
∘ .... No More, diverse school in the heart of Tel Aviv
∘ JJ Thomson won Physics prize for research on ....
∘ Picturesque waterway flowing through Slovenia
∘ Cocktail named after one of the boroughs of NYC
∘ Front car lamp, main lamp
∘ First sequel to win an Oscar for Best Picture
∘ It never comes back
∘ The sphincter .... waste from the body
∘ Expression for going to sleep, in a stable maybe
∘ Famous back and forth paddles and ball console
∘ The ones who hear no good of themselves
∘ Someone who kills by choking
∘ Seasoned beef and pork sausage
∘ Cabinet used to hold small containers of spices
∘ Walkway along beaches, usually made of boards
∘ Sport played on ice by two teams disputing a puck
∘ Acting on the spur of the moment
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