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Google's robotic mobile operating system – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Transports Group 110 Puzzle 2
∘ Queen singer, Freddie ....
∘ To untie the mooring lines of a boat
∘ Glassware, items used in a bar
∘ .... cats are a cross of hairless breeds
∘ Language similar to Latin in terms of vocabulary
∘ Manet painted The .... Singer
∘ Testosterone is the main male ....
∘ Formal word for illness, discomfort
∘ Square ...., military drill on a barrack square
∘ Brand name bandages
∘ To walk or strut with defiant air
∘ Extra amount over what is required
∘ It goes .... saying
∘ Spider-Man's eight-armed enemy, Doctor ....
∘ Dirty ...., Jennifer Grey plays loved-up Baby
∘ Scrooge, in fact, was his creation
∘ Language spoken in Rome and Florence
∘ Paraguay and .... are landlocked in S. America
∘ Green leafy veggie that makes you strong
∘ Google's robotic mobile operating system
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