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Like a learned one – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Like a learned one4wise

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∘ Like a learned one
∘ One's learned Queen must replace one American lady-in-waiting, for example
∘ One who is learned, or one who is learning..
∘ Learned on-line technology, like Yahoo, say, is taking over
∘ Like a learned and sage fellow
∘ i'm learned and i will treat eli like this
∘ Learned one
∘ One's learned in time to raise the surface level
∘ Half a dozen learned one's facial features
∘ One learned all about northern explorer
∘ exceptionally learned head of year from one of the channel islands
∘ Subdued, one learned
∘ Wine can make one a most learned judge
∘ one reason the dove learned to use asl with his skinny little toes?
∘ One learned in languages
∘ One learned in many fields
∘ one who's learned
∘ I learned one's maybe bust
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