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Long Italian church – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Long Italian church4itch

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∘ A long long long long long long time
∘ Some Italian men upset Italian city, putting out Italian article
∘ Long Italian church
∘ long, long, long time
∘ In a short time, a long, long, long time go
∘ Italian gangster: "I run Italian city, turning up in criminal acts"
∘ Chap with Italian article in Italian city
∘ italian meat, to an italian
∘ Italian motor city, to an Italian
∘ Italian city whose name sounds similar to an Italian food
∘ ...... Grillo, Italian comedian who co-founded the Italian Five Star Movement
∘ Italian city that became the base of Italian High Command during WWI
∘ Quote Italian in church
∘ Intended to spread out around front of Italian church
∘ Italian church court
∘ Love Italian church building from Cremona
∘ Feature of Church maybe — new beginning for Italian capital
∘ Church the Italian put in primary area
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