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Now back to ... regularly scheduled programming – Puzzles Crossword Clue

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∘ Now back to ... regularly scheduled programming
∘ 1950s-'60s hit with the lyric "Ah, you made me love you / Now, now, now, now your man is come"
∘ Regularly scheduled shows at a venue in Las Vegas
∘ this german airline was scheduled to make the first flight to the new airport back in 2011; it wound up making the second one this time (an easyjet flight was first)
∘ boy, girl running back-to-back laps regularly near sports department — in full throttle
∘ Things found in yachts regularly after back-to-back parties
∘ Scheduled
∘ Not scheduled to compete
∘ They're often scheduled a
∘ Scheduled activity at a V
∘ Not scheduled to play
∘ Not yet scheduled
∘ Badly scheduled
∘ Scheduled affair of honour? Not quite
∘ Scheduled time for opening
∘ Scheduled time - aperture for coins
∘ Looking at regular intake, conclusions of the provost scheduled, it's suggested?
∘ Last longer than scheduled
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