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Owing money or gratitude to someone – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross New York New York! Group 380 Puzzle 5
∘ “Stuck a feather in his cap and called it ...”
∘ Jewelry worn on the throat
∘ Smoked dried hot chili pepper
∘ Probably the Genghis Khan's burial place
∘ String of pearls or gems worn around the throat
∘ Prize money, spoils
∘ Upholstered seat with limb support
∘ Pain at the top of the body
∘ Permitting
∘ Smoked hot chili pepper used in Mexican cooking
∘ Raise a barbell from the ground to hips
∘ Dashboard compartment for valuables
∘ Owing money or gratitude to someone
∘ Prediction of upcoming weather
∘ Spanish word for dancing; an Enrique Iglesias song
∘ Continental ..., Philadelphia meeting of 1774
∘ Guarding from the side
∘ Connective tissue holding joints together
∘ Someone who writes song words for a living
∘ Gas that makes up around 74 percent of the Sun
∘ The Lantern ... marks the end of Chinese New Year
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