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Professional term for a boxer – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Amusement Park Group 207 Puzzle 3
∘ Trips down a mountain
∘ Let's Stay ...., Al Green's funky love hit
∘ Beachside detective drama with David Caruso
∘ NBC newsmagazine, To Catch a Predator
∘ The art of chasing metal
∘ Saturn is composed mainly of helium and ....
∘ An academic investigation into a topic
∘ A car is a beauty in US but he is .... in UK
∘ As white as snow, as black as coal, as red as a ....
∘ Crude, offensive, inappropriate
∘ Agatha ...., world-known UK crime novelist
∘ Wolf, flow and fowl are all ....
∘ Professional term for a boxer
∘ In finance, the final cost or amount
∘ Bibles are souvenir .... at the circus
∘ Nickname for the Boeing 747
∘ El ...., royal palace complex near Madrid
∘ Epipelagic fish inhabiting warm waters
∘ .... Tables, 1958 US drama film, Rita Hayworth
∘ Space in a house for children to have fun in
∘ US fruit pastry, widely eaten
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