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Programme of entertainment – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Programme of entertainment4bill

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∘ Early evening BBC TV programme mixing news, consumer affairs and light entertainment, broadcast 1969-83
∘ A programme's involving head of entertainment anyhow
∘ TV entertainment programme
∘ Programme of entertainment
∘ Programme airer, with "th
∘ Alliance blocks programme of legislator
∘ Clothes worn in topless TV programme?
∘ One calling out "help" on programme after turning over film
∘ One record after another beginning to exasperate, turn over for religious programme
∘ Shown in film or TV programme
∘ Exercise programme
∘ Long-running TV programme possibly needs a rest
∘ TV programme could get cavorting lad in debt
∘ Signal flag - children's TV programme
∘ Phantom wreck overlooked for radio programme
∘ Follow programme about modern times
∘ Headgear featured in food programme
∘ Line from old TV programme
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