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Pumbaa from The Lion King is one of these – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross New York New York! Group 372 Puzzle 4
∘ ... Osler, the Father of Modern Medicine
∘ Made with wool and needles
∘ Plaintiff, claimant
∘ Appalling, atrocious
∘ Florida city that is “home” to Walt Disney World
∘ Pair of related artistic works such as films
∘ Standoff, deadlock
∘ Undermine the power of an institution
∘ Perceivable by sight
∘ Pumbaa from The Lion King is one of these
∘ Criticism aimed at an easy target
∘ Chopped off
∘ City in which the Titanic was built
∘ A minor deity
∘ Softly sung to entice sleep
∘ Silvery-white transition metal, atomic number 77
∘ Passes on germs
∘ Array of eyeshadow colors or an artist's paints
∘ British manufacturer of the F1LM racing car
∘ Doesn't take sides
∘ The side of a coin that has the principal design
∘ Cotton cloth, typically with a checkered pattern
∘ Gifting money in return for an illegal favor
∘ Three of these and the batter is out
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