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Put in different words – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Put in different words8rephrase

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∘ put into different words
∘ Put in different words
∘ Words, words, words: Abbr.
∘ "words, words, words" playwright david
∘ Primroses: one that's different, and different one
∘ A different f-frock or a different house?
∘ Work of 12, errors excepted, in which "different ." should be "different ."
∘ "Different strokes for different folks"
∘ Sandburg's "...... Are Different to Different People"
∘ Nickname of the only player named MLB MVP for two different fielding positions with two different teams (Texas Rangers/shortstop New York Yankees/third base) (Hyph.)
∘ Things that are as different as "... ... ..." couldn't be more different
∘ quality of being different in different head
∘ different area - even different housing around city
∘ Put ... words (say it in words)
∘ Said to be described by the Inuit in some 100 different words, a weather condition loved by chionophiles
∘ Two different words that mean the same thing
∘ Two different words that mean the opposite
∘ Express in different words
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