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Railway line of reasoning? – Puzzles Crossword Clue

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∘ Railway line of reasoning?
∘ Railway station in London that opened in 1837 as the terminus of the London and Birmingham Railway
∘ Line of reasoning leading nowhere
∘ Carrie Underwood song with the lyric "clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line"
∘ Cut across old railway line
∘ … follow the railway line
∘ Subtle ascent by railway line
∘ Enacts changes on railway line
∘ No railway includes line maintained by Scotsman? That's the usual state of affairs
∘ Bath line's terminus in underground railway
∘ Just love Northern Line railway in the end
∘ A bridge above a railway line or road
∘ End-of-line railway station, main Rome rail hub
∘ main road had railway line right inside
∘ Final station at the end of a railway line
∘ Line put back by the railway will cause concern
∘ Former railway franchise on the East Coast Main Line.
∘ A civil engineer's way on railway line
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