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Ruffian – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Ruffian.

Clue Length Answer
Ruffian3 letterswag
  1. Definition: 1. causing to move repeatedly from side to side

Ruffian3 lettersyob
  1. Definition: 1. a cruel and brutal fellow

Ruffian4 lettersgoon
  1. Definition: 1. an aggressive and violent young criminal

Ruffian4 letterspuck
  1. Definition: 1. a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey

Ruffian4 letterspunk
  1. Definition: 1. of very poor quality; flimsy

Ruffian4 lettershood
  1. Definition: 1. a headdress that protects the head and face

Ruffian4 lettersthug
  1. Definition: 1. an aggressive and violent young criminal

Ruffian5 lettersyokel
  1. Definition: 1. a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

Ruffian5 lettersscamp
  1. Definition: 1. one who is playfully mischievous

Ruffian5 letterstough
  1. Definition: 1. a cruel and brutal fellow

Ruffian5 lettersrough
  1. Definition: 1. (of persons or behavior) lacking refinement or finesse; "she was a diamond in the rough"; "rough manners"

Ruffian5 lettersbrute
  1. Definition: 1. a living organism characterized by voluntary movement

Ruffian5 letterssword
  1. Definition: 1. a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard

Ruffian5 lettersrival
  1. Definition: 1. be equal to in quality or ability; "Nothing can rival cotton for durability"; "Your performance doesn't even touch that of your colleagues"; "Her persistence and ambition only matches that of her parents"

Ruffian5 lettersbully
  1. Definition: 1. be bossy towards; "Her big brother always bullied her when she was young"

Ruffian5 lettersthief
  1. Definition: 1. a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it

Ruffian5 lettersrogue
  1. Definition: 1. a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel

Ruffian5 lettersrowdy
  1. Definition: 1. disturbing the public peace; loud and rough; "a raucous party"; "rowdy teenagers"

Ruffian6 lettersvandal
  1. Definition: 1. someone who willfully destroys or defaces property

Ruffian6 lettersmauler
  1. Definition: 1. a fighter who batters the opponent; "Jack Dempsey was called a mauler"

Ruffian6 lettersribald
  1. Definition: 1. humorously vulgar; "bawdy songs"; "off-color jokes"; "ribald language"

Ruffian6 lettersrioter
  1. Definition: 1. troublemaker who participates in a violent disturbance of the peace; someone who rises up against the constituted authority

Ruffian6 lettersbrutal
  1. Definition: 1. disagreeably direct and precise; "he spoke with brutal honesty"

Ruffian6 lettersrascal
  1. Definition: 1. one who is playfully mischievous

Ruffian6 lettersfellow
  1. Definition: 1. a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman; "if I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked"

Ruffian7 lettersupstart
  1. Definition: 1. a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class

Ruffian7 lettersvillain
  1. Definition: 1. a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately

Ruffian7 lettershoodlum
  1. Definition: 1. an aggressive and violent young criminal

Ruffian8 letterswrangler
  1. Definition: 1. someone who argues noisily or angrily

Ruffian8 lettershooligan
  1. Definition: 1. a cruel and brutal fellow

Ruffian8 lettersplugugly

    Ruffian8 lettersscrapper
    1. Definition: 1. someone who fights (or is fighting)

    Ruffian8 letterscastaway
    1. Definition: 1. a shipwrecked person

    Ruffian9 lettersdesperado
    1. Definition: 1. a bold outlaw (especially on the American frontier)

    Ruffian9 lettersquarreler

      Ruffian9 lettersswordsman

        Ruffian9 letterscutthroat
        1. Definition: 1. someone who murders by cutting the victim's throat

        Ruffian9 lettersstruggler

          Ruffian9 lettersvulgarian

            Ruffian9 lettersroughneck
            1. Definition: 1. worker on an oil rig

            Ruffian10 lettersscapegrace
            1. Definition: 1. a reckless and unprincipled reprobate

            Ruffian10 lettersstrong-arm

              Ruffian11 lettersrapscallion

                Ruffian12 lettersswashbuckler
                1. Definition: 1. a reckless impetuous irresponsible person

                Ruffian13 lettersstreetfighter

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