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Best answers for Statement – Crossword Clue

Answer: avowal

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Statement. In an effort to arrive at the correct answer, we have thoroughly scrutinized each option and taken into account all relevant information that could provide us with a clue as to which solution is the most accurate.

Clue Length Answer
Statement3 letterssay
Statement3 letterstab
Statement4 lettersvent
Statement4 lettersword
Statement5 lettersstand
Statement5 lettersstory
Statement5 letterstally
Statement5 lettersukase
Statement5 lettersscoop
Statement5 lettersvoice
Statement5 lettersvouch
Statement5 lettersscore
Statement5 lettersverse
Statement5 lettersproof
Statement6 lettersthesis
Statement6 lettersstance
Statement6 lettersrecord
Statement6 letterssaying
Statement6 letterssay-so
Statement6 lettersstanza
Statement6 lettersavowal
Statement6 lettersstrain
Statement6 lettersreport
Statement6 lettersremark
Statement7 lettersrelease
Statement7 letterssection
Statement7 lettersrefrain
Statement7 lettersrecount
Statement7 letterspremise
Statement7 lettersprogram
Statement7 lettersprotest
Statement7 letterssummary
Statement7 lettersreturns
Statement7 letterswitness
Statement7 letterstheorem
Statement7 lettersthought
Statement8 letterssentence
Statement8 lettersequation
Statement8 lettersyearbook
Statement8 lettersquestion
Statement8 lettersresponse
Statement9 letterstailpiece
Statement9 lettersrepertory
Statement9 lettersassertion
Statement9 lettersvariation
Statement9 letterspredicate
Statement9 letterstestament
Statement9 letterspublicity
Statement9 lettersreckoning
Statement9 lettersrehearsal
Statement9 letterssidelight
Statement9 lettersnarration
Statement9 letterssummation
Statement9 letterstestimony
Statement9 lettersutterance
Statement10 lettersrecounting
Statement10 letterssumming-up
Statement10 lettersprofession
Statement10 lettersrecitation
Statement10 letterssubjoinder
Statement10 lettersasseverate
Statement10 lettersresolution
Statement10 lettersrevelation
Statement10 lettersreflection
Statement11 letterstestimonial
Statement11 letterswhite-paper
Statement11 lettersdeclaration
Statement11 lettersproceedings
Statement11 lettersproposition
Statement11 lettersaffirmation
Statement11 letterspredication
Statement11 letterspublication
Statement12 letterspresentation
Statement12 letterstransmission
Statement12 lettersprotestation
Statement12 lettersproclamation
Statement13 letterspronouncement
Statement14 letterspresupposition
Statement14 lettersrecapitulation
Statement14 lettersrepresentation
Statement15 letterssworn-statement
Statement17 lettersmisrepresentation

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