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Best answers for Tender – Crossword Clue

Answer: affectionate

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Tender. In an effort to arrive at the correct answer, we have thoroughly scrutinized each option and taken into account all relevant information that could provide us with a clue as to which solution is the most accurate.

Clue Length Answer
Tender3 lettersvan
Tender3 letterssad
Tender3 lettersred
Tender3 lettersraw
Tender3 lettersbid
Tender4 lettersmeek
Tender4 lettersmild
Tender4 letterssoft
Tender4 lettersturn
Tender4 letterssnow
Tender4 letterssnug
Tender4 lettersship
Tender4 letterssore
Tender4 lettersslip
Tender4 lettersrain
Tender4 lettersweak
Tender4 letterswarm
Tender4 letterstank
Tender5 letterstruck
Tender5 lettersyield
Tender5 letterssweet
Tender5 letterslegal
Tender5 lettersserve
Tender5 lettersstiff
Tender5 lettersremit
Tender5 letterssober
Tender5 lettersusher
Tender5 letterssappy
Tender5 lettersfrail
Tender5 lettersoffer
Tender6 lettersunripe
Tender6 lettersvernal
Tender6 lettersvessel
Tender6 letterstouchy
Tender6 letterstetchy
Tender6 letterstanker
Tender6 letterssubtle
Tender6 letterssquire
Tender6 letterssomber
Tender6 letterssimple
Tender6 letterssmoker
Tender6 lettersshower
Tender6 lettersyeoman
Tender6 lettersgentle
Tender6 lettersrender
Tender6 lettersloving
Tender6 lettersreefer
Tender6 lettersfeeble
Tender6 lettersput-up
Tender6 lettersbenign
Tender6 lettersreward
Tender6 letterssubmit
Tender6 letterswifely
Tender6 lettersprefer
Tender7 lettersproffer
Tender7 letterssubdued
Tender7 lettersprofess
Tender7 letterssteward
Tender7 letterscareful
Tender7 letterstactful
Tender7 lettersprickly
Tender7 letterspresent
Tender7 lettersrefined
Tender7 letterscapable
Tender7 lettersjealous
Tender7 letterspropose
Tender7 lettersventure
Tender7 lettersaffable
Tender7 letterssleeper
Tender7 letterspitiful
Tender7 letterssatisfy
Tender7 lettersruthful
Tender8 lettersstockcar
Tender8 letterssensible
Tender8 lettersskittish
Tender8 letterssoftened
Tender8 lettersproposal
Tender8 lettersroomette
Tender8 lettersromantic
Tender8 lettersticklish
Tender8 letterstouching
Tender8 letterstingling
Tender8 letterstolerant
Tender8 lettersunformed
Tender8 lettersunlicked
Tender8 lettersmaternal
Tender8 lettersmoderate
Tender8 lettersvirginal
Tender8 lettersfatherly
Tender8 lettersunderage
Tender8 lettersyielding
Tender8 letterspathetic
Tender8 lettersdelicate
Tender8 lettersmerciful
Tender9 lettersshell-out
Tender9 letterssemigloss
Tender9 lettersvouchsafe
Tender9 letterscompliant
Tender9 letterssensitive
Tender9 lettersreceptive
Tender9 lettersregardful
Tender9 lettersfraternal
Tender9 lettersaffecting
Tender9 letterscourteous
Tender9 lettersunfledged
Tender10 letterseffeminate
Tender10 lettersremunerate
Tender10 lettersrecompense
Tender10 lettersresponsive
Tender10 letterswatertight
Tender10 letterssolicitous
Tender10 lettersstewardess
Tender10 letterssubmission
Tender10 lettersunseasoned
Tender10 lettersthoughtful
Tender10 letterssubmissive
Tender10 letterswaterproof
Tender11 lettersrailway-car
Tender11 letterssympathetic
Tender11 letterssusceptible
Tender11 letterspullman-car
Tender11 letterskindhearted
Tender11 letterswarmhearted
Tender11 letterssofthearted
Tender11 lettersimpressible
Tender11 lettersundeveloped
Tender11 letterssentimental
Tender12 lettersaffectionate
Tender12 lettersthin-skinned
Tender13 letterscompassionate
Tender13 letterstenderhearted
Tender13 lettersunderstanding
Tender14 letterssupersensitive

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