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Tourists' write-ups of hotels and resorts – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Codycross Resorts Group 558 Puzzle 4
∘ Shape that denotes most risky ski slopes
∘ ... Wagner played bionic woman Jaime Sommers
∘ Attach chains to someone
∘ Furrowed the brow
∘ Country whose second largest city is Antwerp
∘ Significantly
∘ Hassled, badgered
∘ Biel and Butler romcom: ... For Keeps (2012)
∘ Hoop for holding door openers
∘ A keeper of antiquities in a museum or gallery
∘ Allowing, permitting something to happen
∘ Stitching over a gap in cloth
∘ ... dealer, shrewd person in business
∘ Committee that ruled Paris in 1792
∘ Tourists' write-ups of hotels and resorts
∘ Sondheim musical about reminiscing old hoofers
∘ Small rucksack only to be used in waking hours?
∘ Chemical element named for the city of Stockholm
∘ Eggy pastry tarts, can be suffixed by Lorraine
∘ Sea creature of eight arms
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