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Upmarket, luxurious – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Upmarket, luxurious6swanky

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∘ Upmarket, luxurious
∘ Upmarket
∘ One 24 fully delivered by upmarket car
∘ District initially summed up by "upmarket, rather bourgeois"?
∘ Upmarket - releasing one backside and pinching another, prone to wrinkles
∘ King left upmarket version of fried fish
∘ 'Choc', a material involved in making upmarket attire
∘ Upmarket Swiss ski resort with luxury Palace hotel
∘ Spring attractive in upmarket district
∘ Volunteers hemmed in by upmarket plant fertiliser
∘ starters of green onion, udon and rice from upmarket food store - who shops there?
∘ Vagabonds: upmarket, note
∘ JW ..., brand of international upmarket hotels
∘ Make more upmarket
∘ old relic - so unusual in upmarket hotel
∘ Revolutionary upmarket housing swindle
∘ Order a brew in upmarket pub
∘ Early campaigner against oppressive taxation - or an upmarket chocolatier
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