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introduced the new resident – Puzzles Crossword Clue

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∘ Introduced new resident
∘ introduced the new resident
∘ TV horse introduced in 1955 ... or a Plymouth model introduced in 1956
∘ demon-like resident of graveyards that was introduced to the west in the translation of "one thousand and one nights" in the early 1700s
∘ Introduced resident needing surgery
∘ Rome resident, to a Paris resident
∘ Source of tension? New rosters introduced by 18D
∘ A new wine list introduced ahead of starters
∘ Luke and Leia's saga, introduced in A New Hope
∘ Met new limit introduced by company director
∘ Sharp reply concerning new member duke introduced
∘ Introduced new systems
∘ New opera introduced German soldier with broken chord
∘ Novel taken up when new paper is introduced
∘ One who prefers the best new titles I introduced
∘ bullied to listen when new measure introduced
∘ Introduced [a new product]
∘ Resident of New Providenc
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