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more demanding musical role – Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
more demanding musical role6oliver

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∘ more demanding musical role
∘ Famous actor, one found in more demanding title role?
∘ Some people will think this is more cryptic, as it's more demanding
∘ Very demanding former partner playing a role
∘ Demanding film role preparations
∘ less socially adept, demanding more energy, not right
∘ more demanding
∘ Demanding more time and attention than most
∘ 2012 musical film featuring Jordin Sparks in her first film role and Whitney Houston in her last film role
∘ Give more, more, more
∘ Word before "More Night," "More Try" and "More Chance" in Billboard hits
∘ Demanding standard
∘ Demanding
∘ Demanding star, maybe
∘ Demanding overseer
∘ Demanding instructor's cr
∘ Hardly demanding
∘ Fire jerk demanding rise in South West Water?
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