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recruited – Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Likely related crossword puzzle clues
∘ Constable — fine one — recruited by troubled force
∘ Managing Director has recruited top class female
∘ Jack's first person to be recruited by army
∘ Single female recruited by foreign army branch
∘ America's relative who recruited soldiers
∘ They recruited a young man for a women's magazine
∘ Leo, maybe journalist, definitely not up to be recruited
∘ Drummer recruited by string orchestra?
∘ Walk-... (college athletes who weren't recruited)
∘ Walk-...... (non-recruited athletes)
∘ He recruited Lafayette
∘ got ... into (was recruited trickily)
∘ recruited
∘ many code talkers recruited by america during wwii
∘ ambassador nervously recruited decorator
∘ Butterfly is named by Trim academic - the one recruited for The Missions
∘ 2019 crime drama starring Kevin Costner as a Texas Ranger recruited to capture Bonnie and Clyde: 2 wds. 1
∘ o to be recruited by music's top firm!
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