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4 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

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Clue length Answer
Justice Souter's appointe4bush
Wild land in Africa4bush
Australian wild4bush
Job for a barber4bush
#41 or #434bush
Political family name4bush
41st in a series4bush
Hair in need of a barber4bush
Unprofessional, slangily4bush
Vehicle heading for Hertfordshire wilderness4bush
Back-to-back winner to coach Hungary4bush
Shrub; US president4bush
Vehicle going over hard territory down under?4bush
Woody plant4bush
Neighbours dismiss region in the Australian outback4bush
obama predecessor4bush
Plant with cylindrical sleeve4bush
thick shrub — former u.s. president4bush
former american president — shrubbery4bush
Country ......4bush
"wuthering heights" singer kate4bush
2's right out of cleaner4bush
41st US president, George4bush
... one of which takes 5 in maintained, wooded grassland4bush
World leader, so-called4bush
Dense woody shrub4bush
Former American president4bush
Garden shrub4bush
snoop dogg's 13th album, released in 20154bush
Shrub; wild vegetation4bush
cori from st. louis who defeated 10-term incumbent lacy clay in this year's congressional primary4bush
President George ....4bush
Could be in the White House garden4bush
Hedge segment4bush
George H.W. ..., 41st President of the U.S. who had co-founded an oil company in the '50s4bush
Coach and horses starting for the outback4bush
President George or George W4bush
Hedge section4bush
Justice Souter's appointer4bush
2000 candidate4bush
Erstwhile C.I.A. director4bush
Kind of whacker4bush
G.O.P. candidate4bush
Mondale's successor4bush
Frontier country4bush
George of Washington4bush
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