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Clue length Answer
Take it easy5coast
Kind of guard5coast
Stretch beside the water5coast
Vacation locale, with "th5coast
Not try very hard5coast
Hardly try5coast
Continue downhill without5coast
Ocean liner?5coast
Continue effortlessly5coast
Succeed effortlessly5coast
Proceed effortlessly5coast
Source of late election r5coast
Where a hurricane makes l5coast
Washing-up place5coast
Compete in a Soap Box Der5coast
Not work very hard5coast
Cruise that goes all around the UK?5coast
Edge of landmass5coast
Land beside the sea5coast
Where the land and sea meet5coast
'See the ...... clear'd, and then we will depart': 'King Henry VI'5coast
land by the sea5coast
Proceed with minimum effort while in place of rest5coast
east or west follower5coast
A Scot prepared to get along without power5coast
Travel effortlessly to series getting stranded?5coast
Price paid to cross a beach, perhaps5coast
Go without power5coast
Island resort area5coast
Move without pedaling5coast
gold is one asset initially included in valuation5coast
Atlantic or Pacific5coast
Move with ease5coast
BBC documentary series on the natural and social history of maritime regions5coast
Travel lightly along seashore5coast
charge to go around a seaside land5coast
rest on one's laurels5coast
scenic drive sight5coast
*stage crew5coast
Land bordering sea5coast
Travel by gravity alone5coast
The ... is clear5coast
Get along without trying5coast