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6 lettres, Puzzles Crossword Clue

Clue length Answer
Lunar locale6crater
Copernicus, for one6crater
Moon feature6crater
Hole in the ground6crater
Runs inside to provide food in a bowl6crater
Old vehicle beginning to rust in pit6crater
Mouth of a volcano6crater
Site of impact of old plane beside river6crater
Volcano mouth6crater
Volcanic depression6crater
Volcano's mouth6crater
Meteorite bruise on a planet6crater
Impact spot on a planet, usually a circle6crater
One was named after Jonathan Swift on martian moon6crater
.... Lake, Oregon landmark with a wizard island6crater
Large hole in case presented by barrister at the end6crater
Decrepit car runs into a big hole6crater
Ngorongoro ...; Tanzania Big Five safari hotspot6crater
Deepest lake in the United States: ... Lake6crater
A large cavity in the ground6crater
Depression on the moon6crater
Hollow container by river6crater
Result of bombing run by old plane6crater
Huge depression6crater
depression after an attack perhaps6crater
sunken place6crater
big hole in oregon6crater
sign of a big rock hit?6crater
Depression, of sorts6crater
Hole left by a meteorite6crater
Large hole in vehicle that will hardly go right6crater
impression on the moon6crater
Martian feature6crater
Breadwinner at last in to provide food bowl6crater
bomb hole6crater
Large hole for container, right?6crater
Lunar feature6crater
lunar surface feature6crater
Evidence of a large impact6crater
Mouth of volcano6crater
Box on right shows sign of damage6crater
Lunar cavity6crater
Moon hole6crater
Quickly go from success to failure6crater
moon cavity6crater
Bomb vestige6crater
Oregon's .......... Lake6crater
Meteorite's creation6crater
Famed Ore. lake6crater
Moon indentation6crater